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 Announcing MBA Armed Services
 11/11/2013 11:51:22 AM
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Announcing MBA Armed Services
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To: The International Press
To: Other Interested Parties
Number: MBA-PR-0001
Date: 2013-11-11
Subject: MBA Armed Services

From: Peter–Andrew: Nolan©
Founder: Mens Business Association
In Care of
Instant Business Intelligence
17 C.A. Rosetti
2nd District

1. Preamble

Today is 2013-11-11.

On this day we remember our fallen war dead and we remember they made the ultimate sacrifice so that those of us who followed might live in freedom, peace and prosperity.

These wars so many men have fought were generally manipulated into existence by the "power elite" so as to be able to dominate and control the people of their lands.

However, the men who fought these wars had no way of knowing that "War is a Racket" as stated in his 1935 book by Major General Smedly D Butler after his retirement. Little did he know he was about to see the biggest war ever created in just 5 years time.

The truth is that all these wars we see are being manipulated in to place via divisions created around religions, race, gender, nationalism, competition for resources and other artificial divisions.

The current "War Against Men" that is being conducted in western countries based on the psyop of "feminism". The lies of "equal rights for women" is the most damaging and debilitating psychological war currently being carried out in the west.    

The current depopulation program that is being waged against people is also a very damaging and debilitating psychological war.

These WARS OF AGGRESSION that are being waged against the worlds population, and specifically against men in the western world, have been brought to the attention of those who are waging them. Those who are waging them have been offered the chance to "cease and desist".

Sadly, those who are waging these WARS OF AGGRESSION are of no mind to "cease and desist". They have made their position clear. They are going to attempt to incite civil wars and social unrest in many lands so as to get people to fight each other and kill each other.

These people are setting wife against husband, neighbour against neighbour. Via their criminal "legal services" they are offering people, especially women, the opportunity to lie about other people and attack them while having complete impunity for making false allegations to launch such an attack.

The area where the WAR OF AGGRESSION against men as part of the depopulation program is most obvious are the so called "Family Law Courts". I have documented the criminality of the "Family Law Courts" in Australia and Ireland for some years now.

Many tens of thousands of men have petitioned their various governments to cease and desist this WAR OF AGGRESSION on men and fathers that is being prosecuted by western governments.

In recent times I have claimed into existence a WAR OF RETURN to this WAR OF AGGRESSION. I have even gone to the lengths of publicly, in my own name, claiming into existence a hot war on the land known as Ireland in September 2012. This claim was consented to by the entire membership of the Irish Parliament.

Even THAT is not enough to bring women and their politician mangina lackeys to the table to talk. They are arrogantly standing back and taking the attitude:

"What are you going to do about it"?

Well? Having been given all the time in world to come to the table to talk what we are going to "do about it" is to declare a WAR OF RETURN. We are now going to take the position that the ONLY path to peace is for our western women to form a quorum of 12 to represent western women and to come to my table and BEG for me, personally, to accept their proposal for UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER. Once this quorum of 12 women have BEGGED for their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to be accepted we will consider the next step.

We will make no representations and no further discussions will be entered into until such time as this quorum of 12 women have BEGGED for their offer of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER to be accepted by me.

Now. Not all men will want to join in this WAR OF RETURN. Many men will say that this is "extreme" and that "negotiations are the way to settle the dispute".

I say this to these men. You are welcome to negotiate with women and their political mangina lackeys to settle any and all disputes you have with them. Let us know how you get on with that.

For us? We will wage a WAR OF RETURN. We also advise you to stay out of the line of fire and to not aid and abet those who have so willingly waged a WAR OF AGGRESSION against us. As men you will know that if you aid and abet those who are in a STATE OF WAR against us that you will bring yourself and your family in to the line of fire.

In short? If you are of a mind to say "negotiation should be how we settle this dispute"? Just stay out of our way. You were invited to sit on our new juries in our new courts and the vast majority of you said no. You were invited to serve as Peace Officers and the vast majority of you said no.

Having refused to serve as jury members and refused to serve and Peace Officers? What makes you think that your opinion is even relevant? What makes you think that any man who wishes to secure his rights to his life, liberty and property should listen to a man who is too cowardly to sit on a jury or serve as a Peace Officer?

Feel free to publish your explanation, but do not expect me or any other man to listen to you as you are too cowardly to sit on a jury or serve as a Peace Officer and therefore have no voice we wish to listen to.

We listened to you already. You have not said anything different in the last 4 years.  You have no achievements to point to.

2. Announcing MBA Armed Services

One of the most famous statements in the Constitution of The Unites States of America is the second amendment. It was put there because the people of the time knew exactly how tyranny in government comes about. It comes about when the government troops (including police) do not fear the population of the land if they are of a mind to commit crimes.

When government troops or police feel the can commit crimes with complete impunity in full daylight and suffer no immediate and swift summary justice then you have the makings of tyranny.

The Second Amendment specifically states:

"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The Second Amendment is not there so that men can go duck hunting or deer hunting. The Second Amendment is there so that the message to all public servants who work for the people as government employees paid for from the public purse know full well that should they over-step their bounds they can be shot dead where they stand by right thinking men.

THAT is why the Second Amendment is there.

Today we see cops all over the western world committing the most atrocious of crimes in broad daylight, even in front of video cameras. They do this with the notion they have complete impunity and no one will do anything about it.

Would they do the same if the nearest man had a gun and would walk over to him and shoot him in the head and kill him in dispensing summary justice for such a blatant crime? I think not.

The truth is simply this. Now that men have allowed police to get totally out of control and allowed police to commit all sorts of blatant and severe crimes with complete impunity in broad daylight? Those police are emboldened. They will keep committing these crimes and saying:

"What are you going to do about it"?

Further. Our western women are going to keep committing crimes and using the "Family Law Courts" who have the same thug criminals as enforces called "Police" who are only too willing to go to men and commit the most atrocious of crimes of kidnapping the mans children.

Those same "police" are also only too happy to bash and injure any man who resists. Those same "police" are also only too happy to throw in to a cage any man who defies them.

The answer is quite simple. Police no longer fear the people they serve. They are busy instilling fear in to the people they are supposed to serve. The same goes for western women, the politicians, the legal fraternity and the "mental health fraternity". They are all busy instilling fear into men as to what they will do to the man if he speaks up in public to secure his rights.

And, of course, when a man does stand up in public and speak out to secure his rights what do women, politicians, police, the legal fraternity and the mental health community do?

They viciously attack him so as to SHUT HIM UP. They do all they can to destroy his life. They attack his employers. They engage in character assassination. They attack his family members. They attack him at every turn to SHUT HIM UP.

The evidence they do this can be plainly seen in my case where widespread public slander of me has been openly endorsed and supported by many people. Apparently, according to the vast majority in the west, the fact that a man is the victim of crimes by his ex wife is justification enough to endorse, condone and support more slander of the man.

In the face of the refusal of these people to come to the table to discuss holding criminals accountable for their crimes combined with these criminals openly, publicly, in the broad light of day, committing more crimes, what is the answer?

The first answer is MBA Law Services and the process of jury trials so that the remedy instruction issued by the jury can be observed so as to have peaceful resolution to crimes committed.

Failing jury trials? Failing men willing to be Peace Officers? Failing all other avenues of causing those who are waging a WAR OF AGGRESSION with massive the PROPAGANDA associated with it to be brought to justice?

There is no other way to deal with this WAR OF AGGRESSION than to conduct a WAR OF RETURN. This will include a "well armed militia" which, for us, will be called MBA Armed Services.

Today, 2013-11-11, a date that we all know was the end date of "the war to end all wars" we are forced again to claim into existence an "Armed Services" so as to defend our lives, liberty and property from those who conduct WARS OF AGGRESSION against men who just want to be left alone in peace.

As I have said so many times these last six years.

"The biggest problem with provoking men is that you can be successful."

I hereby claim into existence MBA Armed Services so that, as a very last resort, force, up to and including deadly force, can be sanctioned and used to defend the life, liberty and property of MBA Associates and their loved ones.

3. Modus Operandi of MBA Armed Services

As Edward Snowden has now made public, all electronic communications are compromised by various governments. There is simply no way to run a "command and control" system to run a structured "armed services" without it being compromised by our "loving and caring governments" who are surely only reading our communications to protect is from "terrorists". Right?

I have been aware of this compromising of electronic communications since the middle of 2008. I was told about the "PRISM" program that Edward Snowden is talking about in 2008. Indeed, Edward Snowden has not told us anything that we did not know about 5 years ago. He just provided more proof of it.

I am also aware that these so called "terrorist attacks" and "mass shootings" are also orchestrated by our governments. I have been aware that 911 was an inside job for a long time. I have been aware that "terrorists" are little more than useful pawns on the world political stage. Many people have covered these issues so I feel no need to cover them here.

It is sufficient to say that "mass shootings" and terrorist attacks like 911, James Holmes in Colorado, Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombings, 7/7 in London, the Madrid train bombings and the like are all organised by the "hidden government" to create "fear, uncertainty and doubt".

Indeed. The Boston Bombing was so ludicrous that only those who were 110% asleep could even consider it was anything but a psyop to test out martial law being declared across a whole city to "hunt down" one 19 year old patsy.

The purpose of these staged "terrorist attacks" and the oppression from the government to "protect" us is all intended to create the environment for civil wars to break out in many lands. The idea is actually to discredit governments by making it obvious they are the ones behind all these "atrocities". Not even the most incompetent of government agents could leave behind so much evidence of government sponsorship of "terrorism" if they tried.

The abundance of evidence that governments run all these "terrorist" operations is intended to create civil wars. I have also been aware this is the plan since 2008.  This is why we have worked to create new courts so that we could have new jury trials. This was to avoid the planned civil wars.

In the face of the fact that all electronic communications are compromised and that our governments are actually trying to get people to organise into sizable groups to oppose them in civil wars what is the recommended modus operandi of MBA Armed Services?

Perhaps it is encapsulated by the statement by Shaefer Cox as to "what is a militia man"?  His answer was:

"a militia man is a man with a gun and a conscience who is willing to act on his conscience".

This is how MBA Armed Services will operate. It will be the sort of Militia mentioned in the Second Amendment. It will be well regulated by the conscience of its members.

The Modus Operandi will be that we will claim into existence MBA Armed Services but we will have no command and control structure. All men who want to be part of MBA Armed Services are to keep this to themselves. In the vast majority of cases men who heed the call to MBA Armed Services will tell no one and act completely and utterly alone.

Only by never having any electronic communications with others about his plans or intentions can a militia man be assured that the government has no idea what he is up to. An MBA Armed Services Militia Man is best advised to keep his decision to become such to himself. He is best advised to keep all ideas and plans to himself. He is best advised to simply act on his conscience from what he sees happing in the society around him.

There will be some MBA Armed Services Militia Men who decide to create small groups of 6. The Modus Operandi of these small groups is recommended to be that they meet once face to face at a place very unlikely to be bugged by any government agents. They meet only other men they have known for a very considerable period. They make oath to defend the rights of each other. They never meet again.

There will be attempted by your government to put agents in to the field to try and form such cells so as to find men who might be willing to join such cells so as to find their opposition. Therefore you must not consider joining any cell where you have any doubt at all about the reliability of the men in question.

Please remember that your government has agents embedded in your society that look completely normal to you. Many of these government agents are multi-generational. You can not spot them merely by looking for obvious signs.

This cell of six idea is proposed and discussed in the book "Living Free in the Femanzi World".

Apart from those men who choose to create a cell of 6 so as to secure the rights of all members from the group? It is recommended that all men who heed the call of MBA Armed Services maintain absolute anonymity and security of themselves. Only by having absolutely no electronic communication with anyone else will the members of MBA Armed Services maintain their own safety and security.

The MBA and the Crimes Against Fathers site will announce to the public various cases and issues. Further, anyone can read web sites in the public domain and figure out who the criminals in society are. MBA Armed Services members, who are self selected, secret, and acting on their own conscience, will be able to dispense summary justice against anyone they see fit IF AND ONLY IF a public claim of a state of war is in effect for the land on which the Militia member lives.

To date this is only Ireland. But from the looks of progress we are going to see more countries where a state of war is declared and where having MBA Armed Services members willing to deal with criminals, especially war criminals, will be necessary. 

Further. It looks as though we are going to be claiming limited states of conflict on lands where there is no general state of conflict. The first such case is the Darrell Foote vs Ken O'Brian case in Adelaide Australia. Petitions up to and included both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott make it clear that both sides of politics in Australia are intent on unlawful incarcerations and the injection of substances unknown into a man such as Darrell Foote.

Notices to the local Member of Parliament, Kate Ellis, and the local Police Superintendent Blandford have also not raised even so much as a response for this blatant crime.

In Australia we are at the stage with politicians, police, the legal fraternity, and the mental health fraternity are openly and willingly committing crimes in broad daylight with the notion they can do so with complete impunity.

Case details are on these links:

No one can make the claim that we have not exhausted all peaceful channels so as to remedy this crime of the kidnapping, unlawful incarceration of Darrell Foote as well as the injection of substances unknown into his body.

We shall run the court case against Ken O'Brian and we will give him the chance to explain to the public why he did what he did. We will give him the chance to present his case. Failure to present his case will mean that his case will go forward on an undefended basis, exactly what his colleagues in the legal fraternity do to men every day.

So this is the modus operandi of MBA Armed Services. It is to observe what is happening in the world, observe what is published, and then act on your own conscience as to what you believe should be "done about it" when these criminals pose the question "what are you going to do about it"?

In secrecy and in stealth, MBA Armed Services Militia Men will be able to deal with the criminals in their society. 

As much as we wish to avoid the use of force, those who are initiating a WAR OF AGGRESSION against us are not willing to come to the table to talk so as to have a peaceful negotiation and conclusion to their WAR OF AGGRESSION.

Where those who are initiating a WAR OF AGGRESSION against us come to the table to talk and negotiate the peace there will be no violence.

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