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 A014 - MBA Vision for the Future Discussion Opener
 5/28/2013 1:56:54 PM
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A014 - MBA Vision for the Future Discussion Opener
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Note: This is also dictated into a video and available from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVqS4wiwGMU

Hello and welcome to this first vision for the future statement for the Mens Business Association.

We have scripted this vision for the future so that it can also be placed on to our web site and passed around in written form for those people who prefer to read than to listen to a presentation like the one you are about to see.

As per usual there might be a few extra comments added to the presentation that are spur of the moment comments that seem to be valuable at the time. So for the full commentary please listen to the podcast.

However, the script does present all the main points and is complete in and of  itself.

The agenda for this vision for the future is as follows:
  1. Intended Audience
  2. Brief review of the web sites that we have acquired.
  3. The Current Way Of Selling Products and Services.
  4. The MAN Way Of Selling Products and Services in the future.
  5. How Will We Go About Promoting MBA Businesses?

01 - Intended Audience

The first point I want to make in this presentation is the intended Audience. This presentation is not intended for "all men". It is not even intended for all the men who are concerned about Mens Rights or Fathers Rights.

This presentation is intended for men who consider themselves "thought leaders" or "opinion leaders".

This presentation is intended for men who are cool, calm, thoughtful, rational, logical. Men who consider themselves deep thinkers. Men who want to SOLVE THE PROBLEMS of men rather than continually report the symptoms and complain about the symptoms of the problems men face today.

That is who this presentation is intended for.  Because of this it is created in the deliberately low key attitude that I like to use for such presentations. It is a presentation of some fundamental ideas and a proposed solution that is simple enough to understand which will be profound in it's impact of implemented.

The presentation is putting a question to these "thought leaders" or "opinion leaders". And that question is simple. Are you willing to join in the MBA and become a promoter of the MBA.

Are you willing to create your own presentations speaking to your own audience, talking in their own language, perhaps much flashier than this one, that men co-operating is going to far better for the men involved than men competing?

Because that is ALL the MBA is about really. It is really ALL AND ONLY about men co-operating rather than competing with each other. When a man comes into the MBA he agrees to co-operate with his brothers, to help his brothers, to lift his brothers up, to do unto his brothers in the MBA as he would want his brothers to do unto him.

The BIGGEST ISSUE among men today is that they compete with each other. Typically what they are competing for is the attention of women via the mechanism of money. If you deny this is the truth? Please stop right here. The question that faces men in the western world today is this. Are you willing to join an association, the MBA, where you will co-operate with the other associates? You are free to compete with the REST of the men in the world. After all the MBA will only ever be a very small percentage of ALL the men in the world. There will be plenty of other men for you to go out and compete against. But inside the MBA? Are you willing to co-operate with associates of the MBA so that ALL associates derive benefit from being in the association?

There are many areas where co-operation is needed. For example the area of jury trials, peace officers, private investigators and extending the protection of the law to your brother as he will extend the protection of the law to you. This is, perhaps, the most important area where men are well advised to co-operate. As a "thought leader" or "opinion leader" are you willing to say to your audience that men must take back the DELEGATED responsibility of maintaining the rule of law from the government and do that ourselves? And if not? How can you complain about the oppression of the current governments world wide thought the criminal legal systems?

Are you willing to promote the very simple idea that men are well advised to combine their buying power, their share of wallet, so as to buy more frequently from man-friendly companies and to buy less frequently from man-hostile companies?

Are you willing to promote the very simple idea that men are well advised to start their own companies and operate those companies outside the jurisdiction of any government so as to be able to pursue "life, liberty and happiness" for themselves?

That is the question facing you, the man who considers himself a "thought leader" or "opinion leader".

Of course, many other men will watch this video or read this transcript. They too can think to themselves whether they want to join in this process of promoting the Mens Business Association in the creation of a second economy.

02 - Brief review of the web sites that we have acquired

No. We intend that you have watched the MBA Update for May 2013 or that you have made yourself familiar with our services by reviewing some of the video presentations on our site. If you have not done so you might have some "knowledge gaps" about our ideas for products and services that you will need to fill yourself in on by watching those videos.

We do not propose to repeat ourselves too much in this presentation for the benefit of those who have taken their time to learn about our products and services.

We currently offer, or plan to offer, to the public, and in many cases these offers at to both men AND WOMEN, the following Services. The links take you through to the details of the service as it currently is.

  1. The Strawman Recapture Service - A03A Strawman Recapture Offer 
  2. Rescind Your Marriage to the Government Service - A06 - Australia - Marriage - Remedy Service Offering 
  3. MBA Law Services - A08 - Introducing MBA Law Services
  4. Relationship Counselling Service - A09 - Introducing MBA Relationship Counselling Services
  5. Naming and Shaming Women Service - A10 - Introducing MBA Naming and Shaming Women Services
  6. Contract Services - A011 Introducing MBA Contract Services
  7. Nite Skool - A012 Proposing MBA Nite Skool
  8. The Bank for Men - http://www.man-bank.com
  9. Facebook for Men - http://www.manbook.biz
  10. Amazon for Men - http://www.a-man-zon.com
  11. You Tube for Men - www.man-tube.biz  (No site yet available)
  12. Peace Officer Services - http://www.mbaposervices.com
  13. Private Investigation Services - http://www.mbapiservices.com

03 - The Current Way Of Selling Products and Services

The services up to Nite Skool above are up and running and available today. You can avail of any of those services should you so choose. For the Man Bank down to Private Investigation Services we are launching these services and we require the registration of interest of men to bring these services to men.

We are now promoting all these services to many thousands of men across the man-o-sphere. As more and more men take up these offers and register interest and we have a reliable backlog we will hire more men to come into the MBA to work as employees for the benefit of all the men who wish to avail of MBA services.

Given their support of what I have been doing it will be no surprise to my audience that the next two employees will be Bill Greathouse and John Rambo (anti-feminist soldier of Boycott American Women fame). I do have a number of other men I have been working with that I wish to give employment to. These are brave men who have risked their lives for years. So far as it is in my ability I will give jobs to the men who are most deserving of those jobs. I think that is only fair, don't you?

The Mens Business Association will only be in a position to provide the coming services and provide valuable services to men and valuable employment to men if it is supported BY MEN.  I have talked extensively about how men refuse to help men in public. You can always visit my personal channel to see these presentations. However, in the English speaking world men helping men is simply not done.

Let me explain it by way of a short example I sent to another man just today. This example sets the scene for how we will market MBA Products and Services to men.

Example 1. A man has a friend over to dinner. His friend is a plumber. During the dinner the man asks his plumber friend for some "free help with my plumbing". What is the likely response in the west? The plumber will be insulted. He might think "the only reason you invited me to dinner is to get some free plumbing". He might say "you are a man, do your own plumbing". But whatever happens? We all know that if a man has another man over to dinner who is a plumber and then asks for some free time to fix some plumbing that this is not going to go down well with the plumber. Any dissenters? Please leave comments.

On the other hand. If the man who needs the plumbing done says "Joe, I have some problems with my plumbing. What is your hourly rate? (Let us say the plumber replies). Great. I am happy to pay you for your work. After we finish dinner can you please take a look at what needs to be done, give me an estimate, and we can sort out a date when we can both be here, ok?"

We all know THAT conversation is going to be just fine because the man offered to pay for Joe the plumbers time when he asked for his "help".

Example 2. A woman has a friend over to dinner. Her friend is a plumber. During the dinner the woman asks her plumber friend for some "free help with my plumbing". As she does that she bats her eyelids, swings her cleavage in his direction and pretends to be a "dumb blond" who does not know the first thing about plumbing. What is the likely response to THAT in the west? Well Joe the Plumber is going to fall all over himself to "help the damsel in distress". And he will PROUDLY tell all and sundry that he did so.

Question: Who was the person that exhibited sexism, discrimination and bigotry? Was it the woman? No. It was "Joe the plumber". The woman just took advantage of Joes sexism, discrimination and bigotry. And who can blame her? Might you not do the same if some man offered you some free plumbing work that you actually needed?

If you think this is a "joke" consider this. When I was in second year university in 1983 a woman who was doing her masters in computing science came to class late one day. She happened to sit next to me. She was quite pretty and blond. Out of conversation I asked her why she was late. She noted that she had a flat tire. I commented that was bad luck because it was raining a torrent outside and had been all afternoon.

She laughed and said that she got a passing MALE motorist to change her tyre. I asked how she did that and why she did that, since she was perfectly capable of changing her own flat tire. She commented that she just "acted like a dumb blond" and this passing MALE motorist was quite happy to change her tire for nothing and why would she change it herself if some man was willing to do so at no cost to her?

So again. Who was the sexist, discriminatory bigot? Was it the woman who simply took advantage of the man or was it the man who was willing to do for a woman what he would not do in a million years for a man? Of course it is the man who was the sexist, discriminatory, bigot. This should be clear to you by now.

Every man who listens to this presentation has seen men be sexist, discriminatory, bigots day in day out all your lives. We have had "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle", "a woman can do anything a man can do" and "sister are doing it for themselves" ringing in our ears for 40 years, those of us who are old enough. But answer the question, how many times do men change the flat tire of another mans car for free? How many times do men fix the plumbing of another man for free? And contrast that with how many times men do such things for women and are PROUD to do so? You all know the answer to those questions.

So why is this important to the Mens Business Association and men who will patronise the MBA?

It is important because it needs to be made very clear that selling products and services to MEN is VERY DIFFERENT to selling products and services to WOMEN. When selling a product or service to WOMEN, or men who ACT LIKE WOMEN, what you do is you give them a "free sampler" or "low cost sampler" and you get them to use it a few times. Once the woman gets into the habit of using the "free or low cost sampler" you sell them the product. The woman, who now wants the product, will find some way to get some man to pay for it. If you do not know this is how things are sold at retail to women then I suggest you go spend some time in retail stores.

Of course "free sampler" can be replaced with "special deals" or "bundled products". Tesco, the largest retail chain in the UK, was actually caught offering "bundles" where the list price of the articles sold separately were less than the cost of the "bundle" but the women were still buying the "bundle" because they could not do the math to figure that out. Since most women are spending "some mans money" they don't even need to count the cost. That is the MANS problem, right?

The attitude of women to buying things can be summed up in my wifes comment when she quit work despite the fact we had signed a mortgage that was predicated on TWO incomes and my gross income was only about 50% more than hers at the time, 1992. She was on about AUD40,000 and I was on about AUD60,000. Once income taxes are taken into account that is really only about 30% difference. We had bought a house with a mortgage that would take 30% of our COMBINED after tax income. That was the recommended level of mortgage to take out to get the best house you can afford.

What did she say? "Just because I signed the mortgage papers does not mean I have to pay for the mortgage. I own half the house but as the woman I don't have to pay the mortgage. You are the man. YOU have to pay the mortgage. So YOU go figure that out!"

Yes. She did actually say words to that effect. So apparently, the largest purchase of a lifetime, a house, does not need to be paid for if you are a woman. And those who know my story know that so far Jennifer got 95% of the proceeds of the house despite not paying for ANY of it. So you can see why women believe they do not have to pay for things like HOUSES. It is because they can just as easily STEAL THEM via the family courts! LOL!!

So you can see how much easier it is to sell to women than it is to men. Men have to actually PAY for what they are buying. So it is MUCH harder to sell to a man than it is to sell to a woman. A woman merely needs to WANT what it is you are selling. She does not have to pay for it. So most men who sell things at retail, like houses and cars, know to sell to the WOMAN and pretty much ignore the man. Once the WOMAN has been sold the house, car, gadget she will get the money out of the man.

This is why you see such a MASSIVE level of advertising aimed at WOMEN. This is WHY you see ads like this ad for an expensive new TV from Samsung. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9HMhSvnbmk

THAT is why you see so many ads on TV denigrating men. They are selling the product to the woman. It is the WOMANS job, according to the advertisers, to get the money out of the man. For that she has a weapon that no salesman at retail can match, right?

So, again, why is this important for the Mens Business Association? It is important because we are selling MBA services to MEN. In doing so the MEN are going to resist buying these products and services to a FAR greater level than women would. If the MBA was selling services to WOMEN then we could just denigrate men to the women and they would buy our products and make you pay for them. Just like my wife did with our house!

Therefore the sales process for the Mens Business Association products and services will be FAR MORE low key and based on logic and reason than you will have experienced throughout most of your life. This is deliberately so. We will present the details of what you need to know and you can then choose to buy or not based on full disclosure of the features, benefits, costs and benefits. We are not going to allow emotionally manipulative promotions for MBA Products and Services to other men. We are going to return to "truth in advertising". Men can either support this concept or they can continue to have advertisers who manipulate them emotionally to get the deal.

The other very important point is that in the vision of the future for the Mens Business Association there will be no "freebies" or "low cost samplers" that are intended to emotionally manipulate you to get you hooked on the product. We WILL allow "community edition" style software and demonstration software that has an upgrade path to a fully licensed product. My own company Instant Business Intelligence does that very thing. But that is to give people a chance to evaluate the full version of the product BEFORE purchase. This reduces our cost of sale which we can pass along to our customers as low cost software.

Another reason there will be no "freebies for men" from the Mens Business Association, especially in the area of law, is that men do not appreciate "freebies". "Freebies" generally only work to sell things to women. When men do work, such as the sort of law work that I have been doing in preparation to get to launch MBA Law Services the prevailing culture of men in the west is to actually ATTACK AND INSULT men who have done even massive amounts of work for "free".

I am not kidding when I say that even though I put in more than 4,000 hours of effort and USD500,000 of my own money to help men these last 5 years the predominant response to that is from men to ATTACK ME AND INSULT ME. You heard that correctly. The predominant response is to ATTACK ME AND INSULT ME.

Indeed. A man asked me this week why I insist on being paid for this type of work. I told him because I get attacked and insulted if I work for free. I told him I will be respected and appreciated if I make the man pay for my work. I explained that the cultural position is that men do not help men for free, do not donate to men, and they will hate on and persecute any man who gives them free help most of the time. At BEST a man who gets free help will disappear and not help others once his problem is solved. That is the BEST outcome one can expect.

So. Having put in 4,000 hours of effort over 5 years at a cost of USD500,000 I now insist on being paid just like "Joe the Plumber" would insist on being paid by his friend. If you want something for free like a woman? Then please go and ask some other man for that and see how you go. 

If a man does not value my work then he should not ask for my help. After all? Every man who comes to me and asks for my "help" and does not offer to pay me something for the 4,000 hours I have already worked on this matter is telling me my work is worthless to him. If my work is worthless to him why would I work for him for free? Many men have even gone so far as to tell me "well this sort of work helping men in the family courts is not real work, so you should do it for free." I usually ask those men "so flipping burgers at McDonalds is real work for which a man will be paid a wage, but trying to help him save his life and rescue his children from a child abusing wife is somehow NOT real work? Can you explain that to me please?"

This is usually followed by "But trying to help him save his life and rescue his children is really important so you should do it for free." To which I might reply. "So a minute ago it was "not real work" and it has suddenly transformed into "very important" and in both cases it should be done for free?"

The next level of argument is usually blatant shaming tactics. "You should help him because otherwise he might kill himself" or something like that. Mens efforts at shaming tactics in this area are laughable.

So. The clear message is this. No freebies for men. That is a dominant cultural theme in the west. The Mens Business Association will adopt that culture until it is JUST AS LIKELY that a woman will help a man in need as a man will help a woman in need. We all know that I must not hold my breath until THAT is the case!

Indeed. Because the "free help" is so terribly screwed towards women and girls today I would even suggest that, in the name of "equality", as women are so screaming at us all the time, that we never give any help of any kind to women so as to "strike a blow against the patriarchy for oppressing women with all that free help like men being unpaid body guards in the street for women they do not even know". Feel free to suggest THAT to all your friends.

04 - The MAN Way Of Selling Products and Services in the future.

How will this "no freebies" be translated into Sales and Marketing for the Mens Business Association?

The Mens Business Association is about to revolutionise the world of business. We are going to totally transform the face of business, the way business is done, for the men who participate in the Mens Business Association. 

We are going to talk about advertising and how we plan to connect buyers and providers in a totally new and novel way in the Mens Business Association. This is not going to be like anything you have ever seen before except in small cases that were, generally, not successful in the face of it being far easier to sell the same product to women using emotional manipulation. The MBA Products and Services will be overwhelmingly sold to MEN. Therefore we will forgo the sales mechanism of emotional manipulation of women to get them to take money off some man to give to us.

Those MBA Businesses that start up that sell products and services to WOMEN? They can knock themselves out with emotional manipulation of women to get some man to pay for the product or service. They can denigrate men all they like if that makes their business more profitable for the MEN who are running it. There are PLENTY of manginas out there who will never join the MBA. If MBA Associates dream up great advertising campaigns to get women to take money off those men and give it to them? more power to them I say.

Similarly? If MEN sell products to MEN that use depictions of women that are "upsetting" to women? The MBA Law Courts will uphold the fine tradition of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. As long as the woman in the depiction is of age and consented there is no law broken. If women complain? We will tell them that it was "just a joke" and ask "can't you take a joke"? That is what they do to us even for ads as offensive as the above Samsung ad.

Let us now discuss how products are sold to women at retail today via the various web services. Let us consider Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft as the major players in the "freebies" stakes that are selling ads to women to buy something that some man pays for. We could also consider all the cable TV and broadcast TV and broadcast radio as well as newspapers.

What are they ALL doing?

What they are ALL doing is blasting out ads to massive numbers of people. And I mean MASSIVE numbers of ads to MASSIVE numbers of people. 80% of the retail spend is going to be spent by a woman, usually using some mans money. So who is paying for all those ads? The VAST MAJORITY of those ads are paid for BY MEN. Who gets the dubious benefit of many of the products and services? Mostly WOMEN. Some of the rubbish women buy with mens money has to be seen to be believed. Not the least of which are womens magazines. Go read a copy of CLEO. You will see what I mean by "dubious benefit".

Does marketing have to be this way? Does marketing have to be blasting out gazillions of ads to people where those ads are not relevant? Even in cases like Google, Facebook and Yahoo the algorithms to present the ads is still woeful. And don't even get me started on amazon. I bought my then 13 year old son a Play station portable and a few games in 2006 and I am STILL getting emails for PSP games when I have been buying data Warehousing Books consistently for 15 years!

Is all this blasting advertising to all and sundry the BEST way to promote things to men, intelligent men, men who know what they want? I would argue no. And let me tell you why.

Way back in 1993, twenty years ago now, my client, the Mutual Life Company in Australia (MLC) performed a test. That test was a direct mail test to determine how effective we could be with direct mail. By way of accident we were able to customise about 40% of the mailout and we had to send out the other 60% without the customisation. It was for increasing pension payments (superannuation it is called in Australia). The reason it was "by accident" was that the programmer had written poorly performing code and it exceeded the time limit placed on a job on the mainframe when it had about 40% of the file processed. Because we could not afford  the time to go and fix it and re-run the calculation engine we "went with what we had".

The results were astonishing. Far more astonishing than we could ever have imagined in our wildest dreams. The response rates and money sent back to us was MORE THAN DOUBLE for the customised letters we had sent out. We had discovered "the bleeding obvious". That if you customise the message relevant to the person you get a better response rate. But not just a little bit better. You might well DOUBLE your response rate.

We took these results to the responsible manager who then campaigned to run more tests. We were very new to this "direct marketing" of life insurance products in 1993 and so we needed to run tests to make sure we could isolate the causal factors. What happened next was to change our view of the world forever.

Without going in to too much detail we were selling an "accidental death" life insurance product. These are very simple products. You pay an annual premium and if you are killed by accident then you beneficiary gets the payout. We were buying list usage from two partner banks. One bank was getting us 0.8% response rates and the other was getting us 1.2% response rates. We were paying the banks according to the take up rates not the letters out rates so it was in their interest to try and get the lists to improve. We did not have the details of the customers so we could not improve the lists.

We gained permission to go against our own life customer database with a serious provision. We were not allowed to talk to any person who had signed a new policy in the last 15 years or who was a current client of any agent of the life company. That meant we were only allowed to talk to "orphans" (no assigned agent) who had not purchase a product in FIFTEEN YEARS. We figured that would be a VERY cold list indeed. We were expecting a rate back worse than 0.8%.

We dug around in the customer database for a week or so trying to identify ay sizable group of clients that we might talk to that met the provisions we had been given. Eventually we found them. This will take a little explaining. In the 1960 and 70s in Australia there was a BIG SALES PUSH by the life insurance companies to sell people on the idea that their children might go to college one day. The product that was created was a "child endowment fund". These were typically to mature on the childs 18th birthday and were typically sold to be AUD1,000 on the Childs 18th birthday. I had one. My brothers each had one.

In the 60s AUD1,000 sounded like a LOT of money. Many parents thought that putting aside some money for the child so he/she would have AUD1,000 when they turned 18 was a good idea. These endowment funds sold like wild fire. Alas, when inflation ran at near 20% in the 70s it was soon obvious that AUD1,000 was not going to be nearly as much as it was expect to be. When my parents gave me my AUD1,000 endowment fund at 18 in 1982 I gave it back to them and my dad bought some new sun shades for the windows on the house. In 1982 AUD1,000 might buy you small second hand motorbike! Hardly a "college education" as had been sold 18 years previous.

Now it was 1993. And those people who had their endowment policies purchased for them in the 60s looks just like me. I was born in 1964. I was 29. I had two small children, two teenage children, and I was the sole income earner. There were are LOT of people born in the 60s who looked similar to me.

Further. The VAST majority of these old endowment policy holders had NEVER bought a product from MLC. The endowment policy was bought for them by their parents and it terminated on their 18th birthday. So we asked for permission to send out letters to the children in care of the PARENTS. Most of the people we talked to about this idea laughed at us as "crazy". These people would never buy accidental death based on a letter sent along to their parents, surely?

But you don't test? You don't know.  So we selected a list of just 1,000 and we did a mail out for the 1,000 expecting to get maybe 10 or 20 responses if even that. Inside the 4 week test period we had received 180 purchases! A few more came in late as per normal. We were ASTONISHED. An 18% purchase rate to direct mail was UN-HEARD OF. The rule at the time with direct mail was 1% bad, 2% good, 3% throw a party. 18% was OFF THE CHARTS.

We believed there had been some sort of strange anomaly and that this could not be replicated. So we ran another test of 1000 names on a list to see how we went the second time. Amazingly this time we got 200 purchases! a 20% response rate from direct mail to people who had NEVER bought a product off us and NEVER talked to one of our agents!!

So then we tried 2,000, another 2,000 and another 2,000 so we had done 8,000 names from our list all up. Response rates settled at 18%. We had 35,000 more such people on our customer database and so we went after them all with this accidental death product to get their addresses and current details.

This experiment and related work showed us something very, very, VERY important. That direct marketing was a FAR more potent tool than might have otherwise been believed. In 1993 the VAST majority of marketing was "above the line" meaning that you did not know who was going to see your ad. A mail piece was a minimum of AUD2 or about USD1.50 a piece and so you needed fairly decent response rates to cover the direct mail costs.

Computers and analysis were expensive and so creating these databases to detect which customers to send direct mail to was relatively expensive and time consuming compared with everything else. But the breakthrough of highly targeted customised direct mail which gained very high response rates changed our entire way of thinking in the life insurance business.

As it happened IBM took over the IT shop of this client and eventually removed me. The Director of Marketing position was taken over by my old Director of Marketing at IBM and I was "persona non-grata" after 5 years of ground breaking research with this client. IBM could have retained me but in their wisdom they knew better and told me to be on my way! LOL!!

I was then offered a job with Hitachi Data Systems who was a direct competitor of IBM. It was not at all unusual for people who had been mistreated by IBM in some way to go and work for Hitachi Data Systems. Naturally I used what I had learned over the preceding 5 years to develop proposals for my prospective clients at Hitachi. Many of my clients were overseas so I did not tread on the toes of my old client too much. But what we found in the second half of the 90s was clear. Below the line marketing, where you know who the recipient of the direct mail is and you use that information to offer "the next best product" is far more effective than above the line advertising.

After this time, 2000, came the likes of Google, Yahoo, You Tube, and Microsoft.

In 2001-02 I did the Business Intelligence System for a newspaper in the US. I actually designed the data models and some of the applications for Sybases Media Data Models, Sybase being a large database vendor that was later bought by SAP.

During that project I became very expert at the whole process of selling advertising to buyers and putting it into newspapers. Newspapers are all about advertising, not so much about news. They often make 90% or more of their money from advertising rather than from circulation fees. This is why they are dying out. The advertising money is going to the likes of google, facebook, yahoo etc.

One of the things we were doing on that project was coming up with new ideas for connecting advertisers with consumers. The newspaper already had contracts with lots of advertisers. They were the leading newspaper in the region with 120,000 households out of a possible 500,000 getting their Sunday edition. 25% home delivery penetration for a newspaper is pretty good in the US.

They had 120,000 active customers who got at least one newspaper per week. What could be done that was innovative that could not be copied by the then "upstarts" google and Yahoo. Remember, in 2001 google and yahoo were still tiny but they were eating away at the newspapers ad revenue.

One proposal that I put forward, that was never acted on, was this. Because we already had 120,000 people we knew, lets build a web based application where they can register and then tell us more about themselves. Most specifically, let them tell US what they are interested in buying when it comes to items of reasonable ticket size.

Most people, when buying a product or service, consider the higher priced items for a while before they jump in and buy it. Men do  this especially. Men will tend to research what it is they are about to buy, compare features and functions, compare customer reviews, compare prices, and only THEN do they tend to buy. This is a very typical buying pattern for a man who does NOT have a woman pushing him to buy what SHE wants to buy. If there is a woman involved the purchase is FAR more likely to be driven through the woman on an emotional basis than the man on a more rational basis.

In this proposal I was talking things like cars, computers, TVs, stereo systems beds, wardrobes, sofas, dining room tables. These relatively high priced items. The idea was to get the newspaper subscriber to tell us what they were thinking of buying next and for us to slim down his selection via our knowledge of our advertisers and send him a voucher that could be printed and taken to one of our advertisers who had pre-agreed a discount level for the person carrying such a voucher.

Because it was a big ticket item the seller could check with the application that the voucher had not been previously used and was valid for this discount. When the voucher was used by the customer the retailer would enter it into this web based system so the voucher was marked as being used. This would guard against fraud.

The whole idea for the newspaper was to enable the advertiser to skip the "advertise in the newspaper" step and allow direct connection between the advertiser and the seller based on the voucher which would be printed by the subscriber on their home printer.

Another idea was for advertisers to pay the newspaper to be able to send emails to the subscribers who met certain profiles to make special one off offers with expiry dates. So if a subscriber had said they were in the market for a new car of a specific make and model the car dealers in the area might pay for the privilege of making an offer on that specific make and model as opposed to merely advertising in the car section of the newspaper.

Of course, one of the arguments against doing this sort of thing in the newspaper environment is that you are proposing to eat into the existing revenue streams via a new product. This is never popular and this never went forward, as I mentioned.

However, all you men out there who are listening to this? Consider these questions:

  • What if you men collaborated instead of competed?
  • What if you registered in large numbers to the MBA so that you could make your purchases collectively for various products and services?
  • What if you were willing to tell the MBA what it was you were interested in buying next so that we could find the best price for you locally?
  • What if some of you opened up local distributorships for products so that your fellow men could just drop by your place and pick up or you could deliver locally?
  • What if we could negotiate with providers of products or services using our volume of purchasing power so that all those advertising dollars that those providers spend on women to get them to buy their products were NOT charged to YOU when YOU buy their product?
  • What if the advertising costs were minimised such that you the buyer, the provider, and the MBA split the benefits of the reduced cost of sale because of reduced advertising?
  • What if advertisers actually PAID YOU to receive their emails and the amount you were PAID was dependent on your propensity to purchase having described what you were looking to buy?

Fantasy? No one ever thought of this before? Hardly. Many of these ideas were actually in "The Road Ahead" by Bill Gates in 1995. As Bill Gates said "we usually over estimate the effect of technology in the 5 year time frame and underestimate the effect of technology in the 10 year time frame." It is nearly 20 years since he said that. In 1995 Microsoft was completely oblivious as to the effect the internet would have. They were pretty much in denial that the internet even existed.

So Bill Gates ideas in the advertising area were predicated on email and not on ads being displayed in a web browser as per Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

There has been a collapse in the price of running web sites that can be used for registration and capturing information about a person. There has also been a massive increase in the ease with which emails can be sent. Indeed, it is now quite cheap to start up an email service and provide online email so that sending emails between members of the MBA could be just a local smtp server transfer away.

This leads us back to the position of asking the question. "Is there a better way to connect buyers and sellers than what is being presented by the various large vendors?"

Or, perhaps more importantly? Is there a better way of connecting reasonably intelligent MEN who are buyers with other reasonably intelligent MEN who are sellers of relatively sophisticated products and/or services?"

An even better question might be "Do men need to be lulled into a heightened state of propensity to buy by using "entertainment" breaks between the selling breaks?" I like to juxtapose the usual "we had ad breaks in the show" to "we have show breaks between the ads". We have seen that the advertisers and TV show producers have worked magic to create TV shows that are pure "entertainment" so as to make women more suggestible to the purchase in the ad breaks.

This is one of the reason why you see so many shows that slam men now. It is to soften the women up psychologically so as to be more suggestible during the ad breaks. Most TV shows and most advertising on TV is aimed at women now because, as we keep being told, women spent 80% of the money, if not more.

The proposal of the MBA, the Vision of the Future, is this. We leave the providers of products and services to their man bashing to sell stuff to women just as much as they like. Indeed, if women will buy stuff just because the message bashes a man then men are fools not to make money off women and their mangina men by doing that.

For selling reasonably sophisticated products and service to MEN, the vision of the future is to have a registration site like the Mens Business Association and social sites like Man-Book but we use email and presentation to man-book pages to present the products and services that the man has PROFILED HIMSELF as being interested in.

The site would allow the man to tell the Mens Business Association what he is thinking of buying next. It will also allow him to set preferences for the types of products and services he would like to receive emails for or be presented with ads for. The advertiser would pay THE MAN for presenting the ads, NOT THE MBA. If you view a lot of ads or receive a lot of emails and you never buy from any of them then the MBA will downgrade your "advertising value" and you would not receive the best offers.

In order to receive the best offers you would be responsible for managing your own profile to accurately reflect the products or services you wish to buy. Then when you are made offers by various MBA Approved Suppliers we will be able to track if you actually accepted the offer via a voucher number. It is in the interest of both the seller and the buyer to record the sale via the voucher number because that helps in the feedback loop for improving the algorithms. The reason I put my background into this presentation is that I, and my colleagues, are some of the best people in the world at matching needs to products and services. We have been doing this on and off for nearly 20 years.

If we were to be able to gain a registration database of men in the millions? From all over the world? We will be able to use our skills to present you with the "next best item" you are looking for at a price that no one else will be able to beat. Why? Because we will have taken out the "advertising and sales and marketing costs". However, the KEY to making this sort of large retail analytical system work is the willingness of men to register and then to buy products and services through the Mens Business Association so that we can create this second economy I have been talking about.

If men continue to buy through the likes of Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft. If you continue to buy from advertising pushed at you through newspapers, TV, Radio. If you do not decide to join in and create a whole new way for manufactures to reach REAL MEN who are buyers? You will have to live with your situation for some time to come. Nothing will transform unless men transform it.

If you decide that you, personally, are going to be part of this brave new world? That you are prepared to be a part of the experiment that will collect the buying power of large numbers of men and allow us to use that buying power in our negotiations with suppliers of products and services? Who knows what the future might hold? There are a lot of men all around the world who have been severely alienated by the level of man hatred they have suffered. If even a relatively small percentage said "we are going to do our talking with our wallets" we would soon see man friendly suppliers beating a path to our door. Some of our men might even invent new products to compete with the existing providers and brand them man-friendly products so as to appeal more to men.

The proposal is that we would start with some fairy specific high tech products. These might be phones, PCs and other electronic equipment. Items that are relatively small, relatively widely available already through the likes of Amazon. Indeed, in early days we might ride on the back of Amazon a little until we get volumes of purchases established. We might also start with intangible products like books, videos, education services. Products that can be delivered electronically are very useful products indeed to market via the Mens Business Association. Services like Consulting or programming are also very well suited to the Mens Business Association.

Once we get volumes of purchases established we will be able to set up our own retail outlets. The products can be shipped to the retail outlet to be picked up or directly shipped to the customer. In many cases, if the price of the product is high enough and the size of the product is small enough very little warehousing needs to be done. Another alternative is that men who already run a retail outlet for other sales might choose to also become a retail outlet for MBA.

For example. How many men run small PC repair shops? Lots. There are PC repair shops in ever city in the western world. Indeed, I have one not more than 100 meters from where I stay in Germany. It is very centrally located. Anyone coming into the city area could drop by that shop to pick up a package. Pretty much ALL small PC repair shops are run by men.

Those PC repair shops could very easily become the pick up point for high tech medium cost products sold to men in the local area of the PC repair shop.  A LOT of PC repair shops actually come to your home to fix your computer and other high tech devices.

Let us just look at one simple example. A small firm called "Tech Dudes" in Oklahoma City. Here is their web site. http://techdudes.com

As you can see they do in officer repairs of PCs and other tech equipment. If you need the Tech Dude to come to your home then you can pay them to come by. If the Mens Business Association gained 1,000 members in the greater Oklahoma City Area how easy would it be for the Mens Business Association to say to the Tech Dudes "we would like to offer you the position of our retail outlet so that you would be the warehouse for orders placed by our members. We would get the manufacturer to ship in bulk to you, you would break down the shipment and our associates would drop by to pick up or pay for you send it locally via whatever DHL style service."

Naturally Tech Dudes would be paid for their service. And probably just as importantly every associate that gets a product through the Tech Dudes would be a potential customer for the Tech Dudes.

Now. How many men like us live in the Greater Oklahoma City area? Tens of thousands. Were those men to combine their buying power rather than leaving all the buying power with the RETAILERS where it is today then those men could go back to the product providers and driver a better bargain for the purchase of the products.

Basically? The Mens Business Association would be exploiting the willingness of more intelligent men to buy the best products and services with less "sales and marketing" expense than is associate with women and the reduced cost of sale would then be passed to the associates.

05 - How Will We Go About Promoting the MBA And These Ideas?

Some years ago I read a book which should have been called "Subject: The Bleeding Obvious". It had been recommended to me by a colleague and I decided to buy it and read it on a flight. The book took a long time to tell me something that everyone in marketing already knows. If someone else refers your product or service to one of their friends then the likelihood the friend will buy that product or service is well over 10x the likelihood they will buy that product or service should you approach that person directly as a provider.

As I said "Subject: The Bleeding Obvious".

I am going to use my own company to give you an idea of how we are going to do things in the future for MBA Products and Services and MBA affiliated companies.

My own company, Instant Business Intelligence, recognises the fact that personal references from friends are far more likely to end in saes than a vendor approaching a prospect directly. This is reflected in our Reseller Program. You can read about it on this link if you would like to. http://www.instantbi.com/Partners.aspx

We take the position that if a client of ours is an installed account paying maintenance and they introduce our products to a colleague, say on the golf course, and that colleague goes on to buy our product, then a 50% commission of the license fee is payable to our clients company. If the client does not want the money then he can ask us to give the 50% discount to his friends company. This only applies if we have never talked to his friend in our mail outs etc. The 50% commission is for a client of ours getting a sale for us that we would never have gotten in the first place because we did not have contact details for his friend.

This is, of course, a not new idea. Some companies have people sell their products and services to their friends as the standard business model. Amway and Avon are two companies that encourage people to sell products to their friends.  What could be more in the interests of all parties? If you have bought a great product or service don't you want your friends to also have the benefit of this great product or service? If you can  get the cost of your purchase back, indeed, even make some money for your company by getting more people to use a great product or service, wouldn't you want to do that?

The usual problem with approaches like Amway and Avon where commissions are clearly paid to the friends personal benefit is that the friend is often very poor at selling and often overzealous about selling. I think we have all had a friend try and sell us Amway products a little over zealously at some point in our lives!

This approach of having people recommend products and services without a PERSONAL direct benefit is a basic idea of the Mens Business Association. A person who promotes a product or service without a personal direct benefit is called a PROMOTER in marketing speak. A person who sells a product or service with a direct benefit is called a SALESMAN. One of the basic ideas is to get men to PROMOTE the best products and services to other men based on first hand experience and NOT based on reviews for vendor whores who get undeclared kickbacks from vendors for making such recommendations.

In a similar way we also have testimonials from real people who have their contact details in our testimonial section.  By having the real person with their contact details in the testimonial the prospective client can be sure the testimonial is real. They can even contact the client who created the testimonial. You can read our testimonials here. IBI Testimonials

We even have a video that was produced by Netezza, one of the leading Business Intelligence Database Vendors, which was later purchased by IBM. Here is that video if you would like to see it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBJWe9FxRxs

The very fact that IBM purchased Netezza for USD1.8 Billion was a very blatant admission by IBM that they had gotten things very wrong as far as building out DB2 as the data warehousing database. Microsoft also bought Datalegro which was just a big an admission they had gotten that wrong with SQL Server as well.

The video shows two gentlemen by the names of Brian Ganley and Sean Kelly talking about a project where I was the lead consultant on site for the project.  Notice that Brian Ganley says on the video "somebody I knew had used Netezza and said that it works, go and have a look at it." This is exactly how reference selling works. Brian Ganley and Carephone warehouse called Netezza, not the other way around. Carphone Warehouse has gone on to be one of the best, if not the best, Netezza reference account in the UK.

Brian Ganley is now one of the most vocal supporters of the SKA/IBI products that we put in to CarPhone Warehouse. We sold and implemented data warehousing data models for the Talk Talk landline/broadband division which is now a 4 million subscriber landline company that generates just short of GBP2 Billion a year. To have someone of Brian Ganleys professional stature make a video and praise our ETL and praise the way in which we implemented this project on the Netezza machine is a massive achievement for a small company like ours. This just shows you what can be achieved if your product or service is good enough, even if you are a small company.

This example from my own company is exactly how we see the Mens Business Association promoting MBA Products and Services in the future. By word of mouth with personal references and testimonials.  For example, across the man-o-sphere there are many men who work in IT as Business Intelligence consultants in the areas of IBI Products and Services. By me using my own company as an example of how we will promote MBA Products and Services it is very possible some men in the man-o-sphere will pass along my companies details to his colleagues who work in this area. This sort of thing happens all the time.

There is every chance some man who has been worked over in divorce like me will see this video, see the products and services of my company, and decide that I seem like a decent chap who has put in a lot of time and effort to help other men. There is every chance he will pass my company information along to his Business Intelligence IT Manager with a note saying "Take a look at this. This guys company seems really interesting. He claims he can halve our costs of building BI Systems. He did CarPhone Warehouse so he has got to know what he is talking about."

I certainly hope this happens because when a product or service is passed to you by a friend or trusted colleague you are at LEAST 10x more likely to buy it than a direct approach by the vendor.

Having products and services passed along to men by friends is very important because we live in a world were men, in particular, have become very sceptical of the claims of vendors. This is because the vendors have been able to get away with telling lies about their products and services as no one is willing to point out when vendors lie about their products and services.

One of the best interviews I ever read that showed this indifference to customers was with Larry Ellison who is founder and CEO of Oracle. In the 90s Oracle had a very bad reputation for losing data. Larry Ellison was asked if any of his customers had ever asked for their money back because of the high frequency with which Oracle damaged or lost data. Larry laughed and said words to the effect "I do not recall anyone asking for their money back off the top of my head, but we have constant calls from customers asking for help to get their data back!"

Rather than being a rather shameful admission from the CEO of a DATABASE COMPANY it was treated as a light hearted joke. Sure, Larry Ellison ought to try and get away with that if he can. But it shows you how even the biggest of companies can get away with shoddy products and services and treat data retention as a JOKE even in a database company.

With such attitudes as this it is hardly any surprise men are so sceptical about the claims of vendors now.

06 - In Summary

To summarise what we have talked about in this "Vision for the Future".

We have taken a very low key, non-glitzy approach to this presentation for a very specific reason. We want to approach the men who will be the promoters of the ideas, products and services of the MBA on a cool, calm, collected, logical and rational manner. We do not want to "hype" these ideas and approach them on an emotional level.

We would like those men who are bloggers and opinion leaders in the man-o-sphere to give logical and well reasoned thought to the idea that men start to co-operate and collaborate rather than remain fragmented and competing. Many men are staring to realise the truth in what I have been saying for many years. That our worst enemy is other men. The white knights like "Joe the plumber" who will fall all over themselves to help a woman but would never help a man for free in a million years. The man haters who condemn men who are working hard to help other men. These men who say to me "why don't you get a real job" implying that saving mens lives and re-introducing the rule of law is not a "real job" like flipping burgers at McDonalds is a "real job" that he would expect to be paid for.

These men are the enemies of men like us. They believe that by prostrating themselves before women publicly and attacking other men they might be given a little "attention" by the women.

However, the man-o-sphere has grown dramatically over he last 5 years since I first became aware of it. There are now enough men to launch the Mens Business Association to gather up registrations and to work on the "second economy" that will be outside the control of any government entity. Just look at the subs various men have.

Bernard Chapin - 7,000 subs
Stardusk - 4,400
Man and Woman Myth - 11,000
Barbaraossa - 10,000
The Spearhead - 70,000 unique IPs per month

Then there are many other bloggers in the Mens Area who have thousands of readers. There are man mens sites with thousands of participants.

Today the vast majority of these men are divided. They squabble and argue like little children. They are all trying to convince the others of the superiority of their ideas while they are nearly ALL missing the point. If they co-operated commercially they would ALL benefit. So the proposal to the "thought leaders" and "opinion leaders" is this.

Are you willing to promote the idea that men are most welcome to continue to argue with each other and be divided in the areas of politics, religions, feminism etc but be UNITED and CO-OPERATE in the area of using their money so that they can influence the providers of products and services to lower their prices and to build a second economy outside the control of the existing governments? Because a second economy that provides lots of products and services will ALSO provide lots of jobs. Indeed, after some time the MBA affiliated businesses should be able to take jobs away from other businesses based on being more competitive in the open market place.

Are you prepared to promote to your readers and your friends that Men in the Mens Rights area are very well advised to put their differences to one side for a while and co-operate so as to unite against the far larger number of mangina men and white knights who are so pleased to be their enemies?

And if you are prepared to promote such are you willing to promote the idea that men register to the Mens Business Association site and pass us their email addresses so that we can communicate to them all by email as we launch our new products and services that they need or want.

The success or failure of the Mens Business Association will rest on SOME men being willing to co-operate and collaborate to create the second economy. Not ALL men, not even a sizable minority of men. Just SOME men. I would imagine less than 1% of all men would be more than enough to run a very robust second economy making products and services much cheap and providing tens of thousands of jobs for the men who work in MBA Affiliated businesses.

That is my proposal gentlemen. It remains to be seen if men will take it up in any significant numbers.

To add a little spice to the whole game we will soon be announcing the ability to buy shares in the Mens Business Association. This will make it possible for men to have something "at stake" meaning the possible growth of the value of their shares if the Mens Business Association is successful.

There is, indeed, no real "upper limit" on how successful the Mens Business Association could be. MBA affiliated businesses could grow to very substantial sizes as they will be directly competing with any other business they choose to compete with. MBA affiliated businesses will be free to contribute something back to the overall association so as to expand new business areas should they choose. But there will be no obligations. Everything will be voluntary and by contract.

In my view there is a very real possibility that the MBA will grow to be a very substantial range of affiliated businesses. This is possible because we have an unassailable competitive advantage. We offer the equal protection of the law fairly and justly for all our associates and all our associates customers. No one else offers this.

We also offer an association where men will show other men the respect they have earned. No one else offers this either.

So, that is my proposal gentlemen. If you want to discuss it I am peternolan9 on skype and peter@peternolan.com on email.

If you want to make public replies please feel free to let me know.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards

Your brother peter/joschua

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