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 A013 - Update May 2013
 5/28/2013 1:49:41 PM
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A013 - Update May 2013
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Note: This is also dictated into a video and available from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGXDBDzsAk0

Hello and welcome to this first update for the Mens Business Association.

We have scripted this update so that it can also be placed on to our web site and passed around in written form for those people who prefer to read than to listen to a presentation like the one you are about to see.

As per usual there might be a few extra comments added to the presentation that are spur of the moment comments that seem to be valuable at the time. So for the full commentary please listen to the podcast.

However, the script does present all the main points and is complete in and of  itself.

The agenda for this update is as follows:
  1. Brief review of the services we have brought to the market to date.
  2. Preview of Coming Services
  3. Status of MBA Law Services

01 - Review of the Services We Have Brought to Market To Date

I would like to summarise the main service offerings that are available today from the Mens Business Association. You can go to our video channel or forums to get details of these services.

We currently offer, and plan to offer, to the public, and in many cases these offers at to both men AND WOMEN, the following Services.

  1. The Strawman Recapture Service - A03A Strawman Recapture Offer 
  2. Rescind Your Marriage to the Government Service - A06 - Australia - Marriage - Remedy Service Offering 
  3. MBA Law Services - A08 - Introducing MBA Law Services
  4. Relationship Counselling Service - A09 - Introducing MBA Relationship Counselling Services
  5. Naming and Shaming Women Service - A10 - Introducing MBA Naming and Shaming Women Services
  6. Contract Services - A011 Introducing MBA Contract Services
  7. Nite Skool - A012 Proposing MBA Nite Skool
  8. The Bank for Men - http://www.man-bank.com
  9. Facebook for Men - http://www.manbook.biz
  10. Amazon for Men - http://www.a-man-zon.com
  11. Peace Officer Services - http://www.mbaposervices.com
  12. Private Investigation Services - http://www.mbapiservices.com

1. Our base service is the strawman recapture service.

This service has been proven to work, personally by me, in Australia, Ireland and Germany. I know other men who have performed this service and it has worked as advertised for them. The ideas of the service have worked for many other people in many other countries.

The fundamental idea is that to be governed the government needs your consent and even Barak Obama acknowledges this in the links video where he is presenting in Cairo in 2009.


And here Obama reiterates that "all are equal" by which he also means equal before the law.

Men must never forget that government can only ever be achieved through consent and can never be legitimate if you are being coerced. If you feel you are being coerced by the government, say to pay alimony or child support, you can bring your case to us and we will deal with it.

Many people tell lies about this service in order to discredit it. Some of these people are paid for government shills, some are just ignorant. It does not really matter. The proof that this service works has been delivered as a video recording that has been on you tube for more than two years now.

You do not have to perform the strawman recapture service to avail of other MBA Services, but we do very highly recommend it. After all? I, as the founder, performed this service in myself in September/October 2009 and I sincerely believe it was one of the best things I ever did.

If you have not done our strawman recapture service, or a similar service from another service provider such as the free man on the land service by the likes of Robert Menard then you have not rebutted the governments presuption you are their chattel property and so you are legally and lawfully the chattel property of your government.

2. Rescind Your Marriage to the Government Service

Most people do not know that when they get married they get married to the government if they register their marriage and get a "Marriage License". If you applied for a Marriage License or Registered your marriage you made the government the superior party in a three party contracts. This means your government owns everything you think you own including your children.

It does not matter whether you believe this or not. It is true and will stand up in a court of law. This is why the divorce courts can steal your house and your children LAWFULLY. As much as men have "complained" about this happening to them? It is still happening. The reason it is still happening is that men are not willing to rescind their consent to be married.

We have launched this service for Australia initially. If you live in another country that is english speaking then please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can sort out a service offering for your country. I would suggest that you will get a more favourable hearing if you have some friends who also want to rescind their consent to be married to the state at the same time.

It should be obvious that while you have not rescinding your consent to be married to the state that the state owns your children and they can remove them both legally and lawfully.

3. MBA Law Services

This is the most important and most ambitious service we have launched. The success of the Mens Business Association will, ultimately, depend on the willingness of men to create the MBA Law Services. It will take men joining in to make it work. If men do not join in then it will not work and men will waive all right to complain about the legal abuse they receive in the existing legal system.

MBA Law Services is the project to establish an entirely new and separate jurisdiction for men to live and work in. A jurisdiction that is not subject to any legislation of any government. As you can see if you go and review the presentation we will have our own courts, our own peace officers, our own private investigators. If any government would like to offer us a contract for their services we will be very happy to sit down and talk with them about the services they offer for the price they offer it at.

If you are new to the MBA I very strongly recommend you listen to the full presentation introducing MBA Law Services.

4. Relationship Counselling Services

It is clear to anyone who takes even a moment to review the situation that women are waging an unwanted war against men all across the western english speaking world. There are also many non english speaking countries where this is happening such as Spain, France and Italy to my certain knowledge. However, since I do not speak their languages I have not performed any in depth study of the situation in those countries.

The remedy we have created will work in those countries and we would be happy for our materials to be translated and a small fee be paid to the MBA for each use of our remedy so that we can build the MBA into a business more effectively.

However relationship breakdown has been happening across all relationship areas in the english speaking world. We are offering one on one relationships counselling for anyone who asks for it, men and women alike. Initially I will be offering this service. In the future we would be very interested in meeting other people well qualified to offer relationship counselling advice for a reasonable fee to people in their area or via the web.

5. Naming and Shaming Women Services

Today, as this update is typed, there is not ONE woman of note in the western world who is willing to say in public in her own voice that women must be held equal before the law to men for their oaths, signatures on contracts and crimes AND is willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to give us men the protection of the law from criminal women.

The very fact this statement is true is an indictment on western women. Even worse? I have been calling on women to do this for no less than FOUR YEARS. I have talked directly to THOUSANDS of women. I have emailed all the women I could find email addresses for in the US Congress, US Senate, US Governors, and the Parliaments of Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Among all these women there is not ONE woman willing to even make a public statement as to whether women should be held equal before the law to men for their oaths, signatures on contracts and crimes. Not even a public statement from politicians who are only too happy to make public statements about so many other things.

Since we currently have no recourse to law until the MBA Law Courts are up and running we are offering a service where a man can name and shame a criminal woman, or a woman who has behaved very poorly in his relationship with her. This naming ans shaming will be placed into our brother site "Crimes Against Fathers". CAF had 126,000 hits in April 2013. CAF has a high page rank. So when a man posts his claim of crimes or abuse from a women in to CAF you can be sure that it will be found by the search engines and when someone searches for her name she will be found on CAF and the result will be high on the results list.

For EUR50 for a permanent posting? That is "free" for all intents and purposes.

If men are not willing to name and shame women and provide that level of protection for their fellow men? Then they can hardly complain about being victimised by a woman who has behaved poorly before but was not named and shamed by the man she abused, right?

Gentlemen? It is in everyone's best interest to name and shame those people who have behaved badly. We do have sections to name and shame men as well. 

6. Contract Services

In order for a man to do business with anyone it is required that an agreement or a contract is created. That contract must be signed or a hand shake must take place so that the man and the other party or parties know that contract has been entered into. This is part of "the meeting of the minds" that is required for a contract or agreement to be valid.

One of the most important aspects of a contract is the jurisdiction of the contract. Most men do not even ask the question "What is the jurisdiction of this contract". They simply presume that it is to be executed in the jurisdiction of the government of the land on which the contract is signed. However that is a choice. There is no obligation to sign contracts under the jurisdiction of the government of the land on which the contract is signed.

You now have a choice to sign that contract under the jurisdiction of the MBA Contract Services. The MBA will provide services to write such contracts and services to adjudicate disputes. Most importantly via the man-bank we will provide the ability to stage payments between provider and buyer so that both parties always participate in the contract on a level playing field. The MBA will be the adjudicating party as well as the party to disperse money and therefore neither the buyer or seller will be able to manipulat the situation into a position that unfairly favours them.

Since the vast majority of men are both buyers and sellers of products and services you will see that making the playing field level, fair and just is in your best interests over the longer term.

7. Nite Skool

We have only just announced the proposal for Nite Skool. The idea is that the vast majority of men have no idea about the sorts of things we are talking about. We are releasing many books and videos. However some men prefer education to be delivered personally in a class room environment and to have the ability to ask questions and get immediate answers.

Nite Skool is intended to be such a vehicle. A place where men can create classes that other men can attend as a group of 15 to 30 over a period of 10 weeks for 2 hours per week. We are therefore suggesting each Nite Skool will be a 20 hour class for 15 to 30 men.

Over time we hope to extend that to MBA Education Services. MBA Education Services will have qualified men presenting specific courses for specific amounts and then certifying or testing the students for capability.

In the employment world such students will be able to refer to their "MBA Teacher" in job applications etc. We hope to have a wide range of subjects come forward over time. We see You Tube as a great tool to be able to deliver such education.  We shall also create forums for graduates of our classes to exclusively use so that we support each other in our business endeavours so as to compete more effectively with those men and women who do not support the goal of equality before the law for men and women.

02 - Preview of Coming Services

The services above up to Nite Skool are up and running and available today. You can avail of any of those services should you so choose.

For the Nite skool you can not avail of the service as an individual. You have to have 14-29 buddies/mates that want to do a class with you. The first class proposed is a just a "round the room discussion" style class where young men can ask the questions that are on their mind and get answers from me and comments from their peers.

We are now promoting these services to many thousands of men across the man-o-sphere. As more and more men take up these offers and we have a reliable backlog we will hire more men to come into the MBA to work as employees for the benefit of all the men who wish to avail of MBA services.

Given their support of what I have been doing it will be no surprise to my audience that the next two employees will be Bill Greathouse and John Rambo (anti-feminist soldier of Boycott American Women fame). I do have a number of other men I have been working with that I wish to give employment to. These are brave men who have risked their lives for years. So far as it is in my ability I will give jobs to the men who are most deserving of those jobs. If you are not deserving of such a job then you might look at what you have been doing these last few years with respect to re-introducing the rule of law.

The Mens Business Association will only be in a position to provide the coming services and provide valuable services to men and valuable employment to men if it is supported BY MEN.  I have talked extensively about how men refuse to help men in public. You can always visit my personal channel to see these presentations. However, in the English speaking world men helping men is simply not done.

The main services that we are bringing out are as follows:

We are discussing/debating bringing out a you tube for men that is a pay per view video dissemination device. We see this is necessary for our MBA Education Services when we have them. We also do not like the extensive censorship on You Tube. Everyone knows that on Facebook and You Tube all it takes is a malicious false allegation from a woman and your account is suspended for some time. Everyone knows this is a complete nuisance.

The other thing that happens on Facebook and YouTube is that you get a gazillion comments from women that are totally irrelevant and then the men get distracted by the comments of women and the whole conversation goes back to the level of kindergarten children. For some reason the vast majority of men can not ignore women making stupid comments in public places like facebook and you tube. The men seem to not realise that the women are making these stupid comments quite deliberately to lead the discussion away from the important issues of the day.

Further. Men fall all over themselves to support and promote women saying the dumbest and most useless of things. They will donate money to women saying the dumbest and most stupid of things. Then YOU get sent the advertising bill for all that the next time you buy something that is advertised via such sites for the standard list price.

If you want to stop paying for what you do not use and do not gain a benefit from? Then you will want to join the man-bank, man-book, and a-man-zon. These services will only charge you for what you use. They may be a little more expensive in the early days but once they are up and running they will become cheaper and cheaper. The early subscribers will be compensated for their risk taking from the fees of the later subscribers.

If you do not feel like going over and registering to any site yourself? Send an email to me at joschua@joschuaboehm.com and we will register you for you. We are keeping registrations on each site so that we know how many men have expressed interest for each site.

The way these sites will work together will be explained in the next presentation.

02 - 01 Peace Officer Services

We have been open to accepting expressions of interest from men who wish to be Peace Officers for some time now. So far no men are registering expressions of interest. So I wanted to comment about that. One of the most basic laws of nature is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This "golden rule" has been found in many cultures over many thousands of years.

What has this got to do with being a Peace Officer? Well? If you are not willing to be a Peace Officer for someone else why would someone else be willing to be a Peace Officer for you? You have seen in the news that our Police Officers are no longer Peace Officers. They do not even bother hiding the fact that they criminally abuse people all across the English speaking world any more. If honest men of honour and integrity are not willing to be Peace Officer then these Police Officer bullies will simply become bolder and bolder. And one wonders what is more "bold" than being video recorded bashing down the front door of a house, walking in, and tasering the woman of the house despite the fact she offered no resistance. If THAT is not enough to let you know the cops are criminals then I don't know what more evidence you need to see.

With this update we are announcing and letting potential Peace Officers know that they can register their expression of interest to become a Peace Officer for their local area. In large cities the area will be smaller than in rural areas but you should consider that your "territory" will be about a 5kms area from where you live in a high density city setting and 10kms from where you live in low density city setting.

Therefore, in a small town of about 50,000 people which will not be more than 20kms across we will accept the registration of only ONE Peace Officer initially. That Peace Officer will then have veto rights over accepting another Peace Officer into the territory. Subsequent Peace Officers will also "report" to the initial Peace Officer.

So if you are an older man who has some form of experience in Law or the Military and you would like to stake your claim to Peace Officer Services in your town or your locale in your large city? Then please get in touch with us at joschua@joschuaboehm.com. We can register your email address and details to the Peace Officer site to keep track of you.

I will remind all listeners that Peace Officers are paid positions and anyone wanting to hire an MBA Peace Officer in your territory will be sent to you automatically. You may remain anonymous to the rest of the world and therefore protect you identity from the general public or the Police Officers of your town.

The policy of the MBA will be to make no comment of any kind as to who are our Peace Officers to anyone who asks us. We will not confirm and we will not deny as a matter of policy thereby protecting the identity of our Peace Officers as best we can. 

02 - 02 Private Investigation Services

Given that the Police Officers are no longer our friends and can not be relied upon to perform investigations to any serious level of quality or thoroughness we have been calling for Registrations of interested for Private Investigation Services. If you are an existing Private Investigator, or an aspiring Private Investigator, and you would like to stake out your territory with MBA Private Investigation Services please register to the site or contact us on joschua@joschuaboehm.com.

Naturally some of the people who our clients will want to investigate are Police Officers, Lawyers, Judges and Politicians. So we can hardly expect career Police Officers to go investigate those people. All career Police Officers know that any such investigation will be the end of their career. For an MBA Private Investigator such an investigation could make your name and dramatically increase your rates!

The Mens Business Association will have the same policy for Private Investigators as we have for Peace Officers. We will neither confirm or deny any person publicly named as a MBA Private Investigator is such. Any such relationship will be kept in the private. Those who breach that Privacy Agreement will be prosecuted under the terms and conditions of the MBA Contract they have signed in contracting with the Private Investigator.

03 - The Status of MBA Law Services

The most important part of this update is the status of MBA Law Services. The update is short and sweet but it is incredibly important. We have now created 480 cases and registered them to our brother site Crimes Against Fathers. We have also created a registry for each of the major countries participating so far.

You can link to the global case registry on this link. Global Case Registry

We have 11 cases that have been prepared and the video for these cases appears on our MBA Law Services Channel.

The creation of MBA Law Services and the reading into evidence of our first 11 cases, all cases of mine, are a MAJOR MILESTONE in the process of re-introducing the rule of law to Australia and Ireland. We have also issued notices to all members of parliament in both Australia and Ireland to let them know that these trials are being prepared. The links for these emails are below:

2013-05-09 Notice to All Adult Australians, especially politicians
Email to all members plus media on 2013-05-20

Many people immediately go to the response of "who is going to enforce the decision of the jury?" I have been handed this objection so many times we are going to do a video about it on the MBA Education Channel because I am tired of answering it one man at a time. It seems men are not willing to read their bibles or to study history to determine how "primitive" people managed to live without jails and a standing police force.

In case you do not know? What you might called "Europeans" are the ONLY people who ever created the FALSE need for jails in their society. As far as I can tell there is no other culture on earth other than that descended from Babylon that has ever hit upon the absurd idea that locking someone in a cage is in some way called "justice". No animals in the animal kingdom do this and no human society outside the the babylonian decedents do this. If you know of other cases where jails were created to "punish criminals" please let me know. I would be very interested to find any other examples.

Since the descendents of the Babylonians are the ONLY people who seem to think that locking people in cages has something to do with "justice" the MBA will be following the lead of THE REST OF HUMANITY AND THE ENTIRE ANIMAL KINGDOM and use remedial justice rather than punitive justice. After all? With 2.2 MILLION men in jail in the USA, the supposed "land of the free and home of the brave" it can be clearly seen that punitive justice DOES NOT WORK. All that has happened in the USA is that politicians judges bought shares in companies that run prisons and they throw hundreds of thousands of men in jail for fake "victimless crimes" and make a killing for themselves and the politicians who pay for these jails by funnelling public money to the private companies that run jails.

MBA Law Services is open for business. You can bring us a case to work on just like you would bring a case to any lawyer to bring before any court. If the case has merit then we will run it through the due process of law as per the MBA Law Services Procedure Manual that you can retrieve from this link. A001 - Law Services Procedure Manual

You can also register to be available for jury privilege for your local area up to and including at country level. Jury privilege is paid at one ounce of silver per hour. Older gentlemen could make quite a nice extra income from jury privilege. Preference will be given to retired gentlemen, grand fathers, and men who have served their country in the armed services. You can be sure that when you bring a case before an MBA Law Court we will have done our best to give those jobs to ex servicemen, especially those in need, and to the most respected older gentlemen in our community.

You can read all our MBA Law Services Documents on our download page.

For those of you who are still doubting that we can do this and criticising or questioning us? I put this question to you:

What have you done in the last five years I have been working on the re-introduction of the rule of law into Ireland and Australia to help my colleagues and I achieve this momentous task?

Has your entire contribution been to cat-call from the sideline? Throw comments from the peanut gallery? Go ahead. Repeat to yourself the list of things you have ACTUALLY DONE to assist us achieve this task that I am the first to admit seemed impossible a mere 5 years ago. I have spent 4,000 hours over five years at a personal cost of AUD500,000 including risking my life by video recording David Dunkley commit the crime of impersonating a public officer, namely a magistrate, right in front of two Australian Federal Police Officers.

If you do not have such a video of your own? If you have not spent 4,000 hours over five years at a personal cost of AUD500,000 and risked your life to contribute to the possibility of re-introducing the rule of law into YOUR COUNTRY for the benefit of all the children of your land? Then perhaps you might like to stop the cat-calling until AFTER you have bettered my effort and the effort of my colleagues.

It is very easy to be a cat-caller, a naysayer, a doubting Thomas. It is MUCH HARDER to actually contribute to such an important project. So if you still doubt us? If you still think that there is much more to be done? How about you PAY US what you think the work we have done is worth to date? And if you pay us nothing? You are making the clear statement that you think all our work has been worth nothing. You are entitled to your opinion on that point. But do not be surprised if we do not share your opinion on that point or others that you might express. We are busy re-introducing the rule of law to Australia and Ireland. We do not have time to listen to those who say this project is worth nothing to them, ok?

Again. If you know retired gentlemen, grand fathers, and ex servicemen, especially ex-servicemen in need, please let them know about MBA Law Services and tell them that we are very keen for them to register for jury privilege for their local area. They can contact me on joschua@joschuaboehm.com to register their interest in performing jury privilege.

Best regards

Your brother joschua

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