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 Experiment Shows Women are More Productive than Men
 4/8/2012 11:42:13 PM
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Experiment Shows Women are More Productive than Men

"Experiment Shows Women are More Productive than Men"

Firstly. Lets get real. This is 4 service stations tested over 9 months and "productive" is measured by getting work done on the ground NOT overall productivity or, more importantly, profitability. We are talking about regular people in regular jobs, not anything specialised.

Take a read. Its interesting.


Experiment Shows Women are More Productive than Men

There’s nothing worse than reading an opinion piece where the author makes bold statements but doesn’t cite his sources.

That’s exactly what I’m about to do.  I can’t give you my source, and I can’t link to the study results of the experiment referenced below because it will never be made public. You can either decide to take my word for it or stop reading now.

As oil prices continue to skyrocket, independent owners of convenience stores that sell gasoline (Independent Petroleum Marketers) are feeling the squeeze. Private Citizens who own these gas stations and convenience stores make much more money by selling you a gallon of milk than they do by selling you a gallon of gasoline. This is why there are less and less Oil Company-owned gas stations and more and more Mom & Pop gas stations who pay a marketing fee to simply fly the Oil Company flag and take advantage of co-op advertising.

While a few independent petroleum marketers purchase fuel directly from the oil companies, the vast majority of them are simply paid a commission by a petroleum wholesale company to sell gas. In many cases, they don’t even own the building in which the gas station/convenience store is housed.

Here’s the rub: The commission they’re paid to sell gasoline is based on a flat rate per gallon, but the credit card fees they pay to companies like American Express are based on a percentage. It doesn’t take a mathmagician to see how a gas station owner can see fuel income decline over $6,000 per month at an average volume location when prices increase, even if sales volume stays the same or increases.

This is why inside sales at convenience stores are so important. Often, gasoline is seen as a loss-leader product, or a hook to get customers to come in to the store to buy cigarettes, beer, chips, or other more profitable items.

This is also why one of the smartest Alpha males I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing decided to take a handful of his 18 stores and divide the store staff by gender to see if an all male or all female staff would yield better profits.

It is with his permission that I give these direct quotes.

“I chose 8 stores to divide. 4 stores had 24 hour shifts of an all female crew including management, and 4 stores had 24 hour shifts of an all male crew including management. I’ve kept it this way for the past 8 months.”

“All 8 stores are located within close proximity of each other, and they’re all off an exit ramp on the [edited] turnpike. Basically, the stores are the same size, same brand, and sell the same products.”

“The women noticed the division almost immediately, chastised me for the all male stores, but thanked me for the all female stores where they didn’t have to put up with ‘stupid guys’ getting in their way. The men never noticed. I told the women that the staffing just worked out that way, and I had no intention of dividing stores by gender.”

“I honestly expected the all female stores to perform better, because the women I hired seem to take their jobs more seriously. My female employees also give more attention to detail and keep a better handle on cash control from what I’ve seen.”

“As I expected, the female-run stores were cleaner and ran more efficiently than the male-run stores. Though sales volume stayed roughly the same [adjusted for seasonal trends] the girls did a much better job than the guys at maintaining curb appeal and overall customer service.”

“It’s been 8 months, and I can say hands-down that women are more productive, and this productivity actually shows at the curb [Better maintained stores].”

“What I didn’t expect to find is that the stores run by an all male staff are much more profitable. Women call in sick to work more often, take more paid time off, cost me more in medical expenses, negotiate less with vendors, and require much more managerial support than men. The girls do a good job, but they eat up resources like it’s going out of style. They want all the training courses from the corporate flag [paid time off], the shift managers want to join associations [paid time off], they wreak havoc on the staffing schedule, call me over every little gossipy thing, and spend co-op money like it’s free  – it’s a circus around there. ”

“I had one regional manager in charge of the 4 male stores, and our weekly meetings never lasted more than 15 minutes. I had to put 2 regionals, one vendor manager and one staff [human resources] assistant on the 4 female stores. Our weekly meetings became almost daily meetings, and the number of ‘issues’ that weren’t really issues ate up a good 3 hours of my time per week per regional manager.”

“The female stores crossed the line of diminishing returns quickly, while the male stores held their own. Yes, the women were more productive, but who are we kidding here – I’d much rather have to remind men to clean coffee grounds out of the machine and change the trash on the pump islands occasionally by phone than lose $7,000 per month per store plus additional support salaries for the convenience of not having to tell women to do the same.”

“I’m really disappointed, because I honestly thought the all female stores would be the way to go. If it had turned out that way, I could have made all 18 stores predominantly female, and marketed my chain as a ‘pro-female’ organization that helped train the next generation of women for executive retail positions while increasing profits. But since the all male staff came out ahead, I can’t do anything because I don’t want to end up on the front page of [big local newspaper] for gender hate crimes.”

“I’m slowly changing the staffing model back to the way it was so I don’t get in trouble or draw attention. It’s sad it has to be that way, but I don’t have any other choice.”

“What I learned here is that increased productivity does not necessarily translate into increased profits. Overall, if you want to increase productivity, hire women. If you want to increase profitability, hire men.”

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