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 Marriage Contract Annulment and Marriage Agreement Creation
 3/14/2012 4:57:47 PM
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Marriage Contract Annulment and Marriage Agreement Creation
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Marriage Contract Annulment Service

Most men do not realise that when they signed the standard issue marriage contract of an english speaking country that they are signing a three party contract with the state as the superior third party. 

When you sign a marriage contract with the state the state presumes that you are mentally incompetent and are asking it to own all property, all children, and to be able to interfere in your marriage and your family for your so called "benefit" at any time any agent of the state chooses.

After all. If someone is foolish enough to believe you need a "license" to get married they have to be pretty stupid, right? Pretty mentally incompetent, right?

We at the MBA can annul your marriage from the beginning. It NEVER EXISTED. Therefore the state is removed from your marriage and any claim the state makes against you for your marriage you can deny or you can get us to deny it for you. This is the perfect "divorce" because it is cheap, it is easy, it is unilateral.

Marriage Agreement Services

For those who want to be married then we recommend a common law Marriage Agreement. That is, you and your fiancee sit down and you write into your contract what it is you are willing to commit to in marriage. Who should have anything to say about your marriage but the two of you? 

You might ask your parents for advice. You might ask the MBA for advice for a fee. But at the end of the day there should only be two signatures on the Marriage Agreement. 

If you make your Marriage Agreement an MBA Contract then the MBA can provide Adjudication Services for disputes or Law Services and Criminal Prosecution Services for accusations of crimes by one spouse against another. 

The Marriage Agreement works just like any other Common Law Contract when it is written by the MBA and signed under MBA Jurisdiction.

Signing a state offered marriage contract/license today is an exercise in lunacy. And there are plenty of men who will tell you why.

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