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 Why have Swiss Bank Accounts?
 3/14/2012 11:16:05 AM
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Why have Swiss Bank Accounts?
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Why have Swiss Bank Accounts?

There is a lot of rubbish talked about Swiss Bank Accounts. The MBA did deep study in this topic some years ago. Sure, there are other places where you can get bank accounts. But the Swiss have a reputation that they need to maintain. The Swiss Banking System rests on its reputation that it can protect and defend the identity of ANY client that has not committed a crime. 

Since MBAs will be under oath to act lawfully in all situations MBAs will have no fears that the bank will release their information to anyone. 

In divorce in the west the standard practice is this.

  1. Wifey claims she is afraid of hubby and he is locked out of his house.
  2. Wifey claims she is fearful he will not pay his "support" and so his bank accounts are closed until he makes oath to pay the support fees. If he does not do so he goes to jail. It is extortion pure and simple.
  3. He will soon have his passport taken from him so he can not get away.

There are any number of men who can testify this is now STANDARD in the english speaking world.

To counter these strategies is simple. 

  1. You do not have any cash inside the jurisdiction in which you live. 
  2. You have a world passport.

Any man of any significant means who does NOT take up this offer is a fool indeed. And a fool and his money are quickly parted, rightly so. The level of warnings to men that the divorce courts are a CRIMINAL CARTEL is far in excess of what is needed. THOUSANDS of men have been told this. Most refuse to believe it and most refuse to pass along the message. So when men are angry and frustrated and kill women and children in divorce those who refused to pass along the message have blood on their hands. It is as simple as that.

Gents. You are being offered Swiss Bank Accounts at an absolutely rock bottom fee from someone you can trust with your life. Such offers do not come along every day. If you take this offer any attempt to divorce you and get your money will be futile.

  MBA Banking Services  Swiss Bank Accounts  Why have Swiss ...