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 Setting up Swiss Bank Accounts (SBAs) and Money Transfer
 3/13/2012 7:46:23 PM
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Setting up Swiss Bank Accounts (SBAs) and Money Transfer
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Setting up Swiss Bank Accounts (SBAs) and Money Transfer

Any man who STILL thinks the courts and the government are legitimate deserves to have everything he has ever worked for stolen from him. I have PROVEN that the courts will steal your property from you in divorce. The BEST defence in divorce is to not have any money in the jurisdiction of the courts.

One of the MRAs I met in Switzerland works for a domestic swiss bank. He has agreed that he can open up SBAs for any man that I recommend to him. The minimum balance is EUR20,000. The account is best used to collect assets rather than a transaction account. There is no legislation in Australia (or most english speaking countries) that stops you from having a swiss bank account. When divorce comes? There is no way that the Australian (or other) government can get the money out of your swiss bank account.

If you want us to hold all your statements and mail then we can provide that service for a fee as well. There need never be any paperwork go to your office or home that looks like it came from a swiss bank. We can handle everything. 

The account comes with the following features.
    1. Internet access with the ability to transfer money domestically in Switzerland and internationally for the standard banking fee.

    2. The ability to order a cash card. The cash card can be used to withdraw cash from most autotellers in the world. The cash card is completely anonymous.

I can also organise money transfers via my own accounts so that there is no record of where money sent via the financial system ended up. 

MBA is offering you the opportunity to have a swiss bank account that NO ONE knows about.

The fees for setting up a Swiss Bank Account are as follows:
1 account:   EUR1,000.
2 accounts:  EUR900 each.
3 accounts: EUR800 each.
4 accounts: EUR700 each.
5 accounts: EUR600 each.
6+ accounts: EUR500 each.

So get your friends together and order Swiss Bank Accounts in bulk to save yourself a few hundred Euros.

There is quite a bit of work setting these things up and it does include the need to travel to Switzerland. So it really is quite expensive in time to perform them one at a time. Bundles of 6 or more would be very much appreciated and that is reflected in the fees.

The fee for retaining all paperwork at our office facilities is EUR100 per year.
Administration work requested will be charged at EUR30 per hour. It will be done by a trusted MAN.

Please note that Swiss Banks keep assets in swiss francs and there is a 1% fee for withdrawal.  So you do not want to be withdrawing money from these accounts frequently. They are not meant to be transaction accounts.

Please note. Do not believe what you read about numbered accounts. They are no more anonymous than regular accounts.

Update. I have created a video on the swiss bank accounts opening offer.


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