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 Why have a MAN Bank?
 3/14/2012 11:39:35 AM
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Why have a MAN Bank?
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Why have a Man Bank?

Virtually all men who have been married for any length of time know that most western women are irresponsible with money. The reason it has been falsely declared "domestic violence" to not allow a woman to have access to all money in the family is to make sure the woman impoverishes the man through her reckless spending. Further, women borrow money they do not need to buy rubbish they do not need. The "consumer society" is driven by women buying rubbish with some mans money.

The MAN BANK will be a bank for MEN ONLY. Having said that the MBA has made an offer to a select group of women to have deposit only accounts. Only MEN will be able to borrow money from the MAN BANK. 

Since 99.9% of western women condone the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse they simply can not be trusted to borrow money. It does not matter what they say about that. 

What Services are Offered?

The MAN BANK will operate in conjunction with the Swiss Bank that will issue Swiss Bank Accounts. The MAN-BANK will operate based on "credits" that are purchased with Swiss Franks, Euros, USDollars (perhaps), Gold, Silver, Platinum.

The MAN sends "money" to the Swiss Bank Account. A portion of this money can be moved to the MBA Swiss Bank Account to buy credits. All credits in the MAN BANK will be backed 100% by "money" held in reserve. The Swiss Bank may loan out that money according to normal "reserve" practices.

Men can  then trade credits for work performed via internet banking at the MAN-BANK. All transactions will create a paper based audit trail and the paper will be stored for about 12 months. The paper based audit trail will secure the  transactions. There may also be email based audit trails to add to the paper based audit trails that will be used in early days.

Credit transactions will be able to take place between men anywhere in the world.

There will be no "exchange rate" on credit transactions. And credits are abstractions on the "money" that backs them. Credit values will fluctuate against the actual money being held as the "money" itself will fluctuate according to what buyers and sellers are doing with that money.

The MAN-BANK will facilitate the process of borrowing money for men to do things like start businesses or repay outstanding loans to whatever banks. When a MAN borrows money from the MAN-BANK he will be borrowing it from SPECIFIC NAMED MEN and his contract will be with those SPECIFIC NAMED MEN. The MAN BANK will NOT disintermediate depositors and borrowers. Should the borrower attempt to not repay the loan according to the contract or mutually agreed updated contract this will be considered a crime and the man will be dealt with on the basis of a criminal act by MBA Law Services.

The ability for men to finance businesses into existed via the MAN-BANK and the loans process is one of the key elements of the MAN-BANK.

Because the MAN-BANK transactions are performed in "credits" and not in the "currencies" of various criminal governments these governments have no claim over the transaction. This is very important as it implies there is no capability to levy taxes on any such transactions and there is no ability to claim that the transaction can be in any way illegal or unlawful. The transaction is between the men involved and as such is lawful if the men involved say it is.

Safety Deposit Boxes and or gold and silver storage

The MBA can organise safety deposit boxes in a Swiss Bank and or storage for gold and silver or other valuables in these safety deposit boxes. If you need someone to travel to you and to bring these valuables to Switzerland then this too can be organised for an appropriate fee which will be a margin on costs.  

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