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 Why have MBA Peace Officers?
 3/14/2012 2:58:26 PM
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Why have MBA Peace Officers?
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Why have MBA Peace Officers?

Peace Officers are one of the most important roles in any peaceful community. They are there to keep the peace when there is some form of conflict that has developed in the community. When men get into conflict it can get pretty messy pretty quickly. 

Peace Officers are there to ensure that due process of law is observed, that those who might breech the peace can be warned not to do so, and if they do so then they can be arrested and brought to the MBA Court Secretary to determine how it is that the criminal accusation will be processed.

Peace Officers will be available for hire as Peace Officers. They will be sworn and under oath when they are acting as Peace Officers. They will carry identification materials issued only by the MBA to identify them as MBA Peace Officers. It will be a serious offence to impersonate an MBA Peace Officer.

The types of services they will provide are as described in the following post. This is directly from the founding documents.

If you wish to apply for the job of an MBA Peace Officer then you can register your interest on this web site. http://www.mbaposervices.com/ 

 3/14/2012 3:02:31 PM
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Re: Why have MBA Peace Officers?

1.1.           Peace Officer Services

One of the biggest issues with the guvments is that they pretend they have a monopoly on the licensing of “Policy Enforcement Officers” who are also known as “Police”. They seem to miss the fact that we can create our own staff of Peace Officers.

The purpose of a Peace Officer is to “maintain the peace”. The Peace is broken when one human being commits what is considered to be a crime against another human being. The Peace Officers will offer services to BOTH members of the MBA as well as CLIENTS of the MBA.

Further. Peace Officers will be able to offer their services to the broader public as an MBA Peace Officer for whatever fee the market will bear. It is anticipated that there is a demand for Peace Officers in the general public as well as in the MBA.

This means that if an MBA has a crime committed against him that other associates of the MBA are OBLIGED to create the environment by which that crime can be remedied. It is an OBLIGATION on joining the MBA and it will be clearly explained in the Affidavit of Application.

Further, if a CLIENT of an MBA makes claim of a crime in relation to the contract being performed by the MBA then the associates of the MBA are OBLIGED to provide Law Services to the CLIENT to properly determine the truth of the matter.

This is where the Peace Officers come in.

The services that will be provided by Peace Officers are as follows:

  1. Document Serving Services.
    Service of documents onto those to whom they are addressed and certification of those services to the MBA Court.

  2. Investigating Crimes and Evidence Gathering Services.
    Investigation of alleged crimes in the pursuit of gathering evidence that can be presented to the MBA Court. In this role the Peace Officer will act very much as a Private Investigator. The MBA or the Client may not be able to gather said evidence themselves for whatever reason. The most obvious one of which is that the alleged criminal knows the face of the accuser.

    In order to gather evidence of criminal activity the MBA or the Client is very likely required to engage a third party to gather said evidence. Naturally, such work will be required to be compensated at a reasonable rate to the Peace Officer.

  3. Protection Services.
    The Peace Officer may provide protection services for associates who seek such services. For example, security guards for corporate properties, transport of valuable goods, or even so simple as explaining to people who refuse to make remedy for crimes that after the court case it is HE who will come to seize property to it is better to settle matters peacefully up front. A little bit of “explaining” up front could save a lot of trouble further down the line.

  4. Secure Transfer Services.
    It is anticipated that MBA associates will, from time to time, need the secure transfer of valuable goods from one place to another. The thing I expect this will mostly be is gold or silver or sums of “currency”.

    It is expected that the MBA will create a relationship with some swiss banks and that the MBA will offer the services of Safety Deposit Boxes in these banks. Should the MBA wish to have valuables transferred to the safety deposit box in absolute secrecy then a Peace Officer may offer his services to perform this transfer.

  5. Carriage of Valuable Items Services.
    In some cases people need valuable items carried from one place to another, say to a relative, with absolute security. Such things as family heir looms come to mind. Peace Officers may offer their services for the transfer of such valuables.

  6. Property Seizure Services.
    The MBA Court will be run under common law and will have the authority to issue Writs of Execution for Property Seizure. A party found guilty of a crime, particularly an MBA, will have a Remedy Instruction issued by the MBA Jury in a properly convened MBA Court.

    If the guilty party is not willing to make the Remedy that has been Instructed then the MBA or Client can pay the Peace Officer to make the Property Seizure that has been Instructed by the Jury.

    The jury will have also issued and Outlawry Writ against the guilty party and the Peace Officer can be paid to deliver this Writ to government officials so as to turn off all government services to the Outlaw.

    In particular the Peace Officer can deliver the Outlawry Writ to the local Policy Enforcement Officers to inform them that they can no longer provide protection services to the outlaw and that if they do then they too might find themselves facing an MBA Court as well as facing a Writ of Execution and an Outlawry Writ.

    It will be interesting to see what the local cops make of our Peace Officers, who are going to be most likely ex armed services in the main, walking into their offices fully armed and saying “stay out of this one”. THAT will be fun.

    The common law of “aiding and abetting a known outlaw is a crime” will be observed by the MBA courts.

It should be taken as assumed that Peace Officers can choose to be armed and choose to use whatever weapons or force they deem appropriate to seize the property of a guilty party.

Further. A Peace Officer may ply his trade anywhere in the world for any MBA or any client who wishes to pay him his asking price.

It is expected that Peace Officers will put in place computer systems that will assist in them performing their services. Indeed, it is likely that these computer systems will be put in on top of the existing MBA systems.

All Peace Officers will be vetted personally by myself. They will have to make application directly to me until further notice. They will have to create affidavits and testimony to me personally and take the oath of a Peace Officer to me personally. Only then will they be allowed to advertise their services as a Peace Officer of the Mens Business Association.

Naturally any such Peace Officer who is found guilty of a crime by a jury of MBAs will have ALL property they own taken from them. There will be zero tolerance of criminal acts by those who have sworn to be Peace Officers or other associates in the MBA Courts or Law Services. This will be made clear to ALL associates who apply to become an MBA Peace Officer.

In all cases Peace Officers will be paid on a time and materials basis by associates or non-associates. There is no plan and no proposal to pay full time salaries to Peace Officers that can simply be drawn on at a phone call as is the current situation with Policy Enforcement Officers.

Policy Enforcement Officers are paid for by the mandatory taxation of all members of a community.

The MBA will have NO mandatory taxation. Indeed, NO mandatory anything. All actions must be paid for on a “pay per use” or “pay as you go” system. This will be handled via the MBA Banking system. All members will be offered a Bank Account and transfers between members for “credits” or “money” will be achieved by web based applications.

Should a man wish to become a Peace Officer but with to remain totally anonymous I will be the SOLE holder of the relationship between the man and the Peace Officer and this relationship will be kept in confidence on my locked laptop. Those who wish to use the services of a Peace Officer who wishes anonymity will have to apply to me directly to use such services.

It is expected that SOME Peace Officers will want total anonymity as a guard against the Illuminati trying to find them. These Peace Officers will be issued identification and be given a specific number so that those who hire them can be sure the guy who turns up is from the MBA.

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