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 Why have MBA Adjudication Services?
 3/14/2012 11:51:56 AM
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Why have MBA Adjudication Services?
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Why have MBA Adjudication Services?

With the best will in the world there are going to be disputes over products and services sold by MBA Associates. Sometimes those disputes will be valid and sometimes they will be frivolous. There will be no way to tell which from which without some form of Adjudication Services.

The main reason for the existence of the MBA Adjudication Services is to provide buyers of the products and services of the MBA Associate a guarantee of appropriate service to their customers and clients. The Associate will be able to tell the client that the MBA itself is responsible to ensure that he delivers what he says he will deliver and that he will be quite severely penalised if he does not deliver according to the contract. This will increase buyer confidence in the MBA.

In the case of a dispute the client or customer can bring a case to the MBA Adjudication Services and it will be processed without cost to the client unless the case is found to be frivolous. If the case is found to be frivolous the customer or client will have that published as well so that other MBAs can take that into account when dealing with that customer or client in the future.

The fundamental reason for the existence of the MBA Adjudication Services is that any dispute resolution today is done by members of the "Law Society" via the courts or some "Arbitration Panel". Both these mechanisms are vastly over-priced. Therefore buyers of products and services must make a very detailed study of a service provider or product provider before making a purchase as there is often little realistic ability to gain remedy from a poor job. The cost of remedy is often in excess of the amount involved. 

In this way the world is, quite rightly, a "buyer beware" world. However, if the buyer has a guarantee that the Associate will be required by his association to deliver what he promised there will be a far higher level of buyer confidence. This is exactly as life was like in small towns for men such as tradesmen like builders or bakers or butchers or farmers. Since they were known to their customers and their customers knew each other any poor performance would very likely seriously affect the tradesmans business. So he was bound to deliver what he promised. 

In the past there were also such associations as "guilds" that ensured the members of the guild performed to the standards of the guild. A member who failed to perform and failed to remedy could be removed from the guild so as to maintain standards of the guild. Buyers know this and therefore could buy with confidence.

With the advent of big cities and big companies the "sales pitch" has become far more important than the delivery. The world is full of charlatans delivering substandard products and services. Given that there is freedom of choice in buying, the providers of products and services have two main choices when selling.

  1. Join in the "sales pitch" mentality where the pitch matters more than the delivery.
  2. Maintain quality and sell quality products and services to those few people who want such. 

In the last 20 years we have seen that the majority of people and companies will "buy the good pitch" over "buy good quality". This is why we have seen so many companies respond with more and more outrageous sales pitches and more and more outrageous advertising promises. In many cases the promise has no possible hope of ever being delivered on. Those people and companies who have been buying such really only have themselves to blame. In this world you often get less than what you pay for and you rarely get more than what you pay for. The old saying "if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is" applies.

This author has personally seen many, many large companies buy the most outrageous sales pitches that have never had any chance of being delivered. This author has lost MANY deals to such charlatans. In response this author usually does not bother to sell to clients who have not had at least two failed project in his area of expertise via the baseless promises of charlatans. This author has found that it is far easier to sell projects to people who have been burned by the charlatans. It is the proposal of this Author that the MBA be the vehicle for giving buyers confidence to buy from Associates by the MBA itself performing the function of MBA Adjudication Services.

The MBA is going to offer products and services that are of a stated quality, usually quite high, for a stated price, usually quite competitive, with the guarantee that the MBA Adjudication Services will resolve any disputes for contracts signed as MBA Contracts. People who are running businesses and wishing to sell their products and services as MBA Associates will be investigated by the MBA prior to being able to present themselves as Associates. 

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