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 Welcome to the Mens Business Association
 3/14/2012 4:10:51 PM
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Welcome to the Mens Business Association
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Dear Sir,

welcome to the Mens Business Association. I am Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. 

All honest men of honour and integrity who seek to live a better life are welcome here. 

The Mens Business Association is the vehicle by which men can do business with each other, as well as other customers and clients, explicitly outside the jurisdiction of any "Federal Guvment". The "Federal Guvments" are Uniform Commercial Code Legal Entities. They have the right to offer products and services just like McDonalds. However, they do not have the right to enforce a monopoly. They do not have the right to persecute anyone who sets up a competing organisation to provide the same products and services.

This is what the Mens Business Association is. It is a Lawful Association that is creating products and services that will operate in fair and open competition with "Federal Guvments". Those who wish to join the Mens Business Association will need to make that decision carefully. The MBA will be quite harsh on members who commit crimes. We will very likely be much harsher than those in the "Federal Guvments" as we will not be taxing members to create jails to house people who are convicted of crimes.

In the MBA if you are convicted of a criminal act you will make remedy or you will be outlawed. And Outlawry is one of the harshest penalties possible short of the death sentence.

The MBA will provide a wide range of services. It will begin modestly and extend its products and services as demand increases from our members. All services are "fee for services". Nothing is "free". The annual membership fee has been set at EUR100. Each service used after that needs to be paid for. The Man-Bank will be the mechanism for paying for services between members of the MBA.

So get yourself a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, whatever is your pleasure, and take a look around the founding documents and the early forum entries. Consider for yourself if you wish to be a part of this "brave new world" where we say to our "Federal Guvments" that they have persecuted men long enough and we are now turning our backs on them. Consider for yourself if you want to be free or if you want to be a feudal/federal serf.

We are here to free men and to help them start their own businesses and be able to support themselves and their families should they wish to have a family.

At the current point in time we are taking registrations of interest. When we get enough people to register interest we will begin with the process of building the various web sites. The most important one of which will be the MAN-BANK. 

Some services are already available such as strawman recapture, lawful notice and affidavit preparation, document storage services etc. As we get members of board we will roll out the services they need to be a part of the Mens Business Association.

The Mens Business Association will add value as it adds members. The more men who join who are involved in more businesses the more opportunity for the men who come into the Association. The men who run businesses in their own right, usually self employed business men, are the men we are most keen to bring on board as members. The obvious reason is that they have existing businesses that can then employ more men.

The young men who want to start a business and want advice and guidance from old hands like myself are also very welcome to join. It would give me great pleasure to assist young men in their business pursuits so that they can live in freedom and make their living to the best of their ability.

Lastly. We are very keen to find men who are willing to be Peace Officers. In these roles we would prefer men who are ex armed services who are well trained in the usage of weapons and perhaps own their own weapons. Our Peace Officers will be armed and able to execute Instructions from the MBA Courts in any place on the planet. I think the role of MBA Peace Officer could be quite an interesting role.

Thank you for your  time in considering joining the Mens Business Association. I believe we are seeing the birth of something that will be very important in the decades and centuries ahead.

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© 

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