On this page you will find downloads of documents that are integral to the running of the Mens Business Association.


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Foundation and General Documents

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01 - Founding PrinciplesBusiness3/14/2012205.23 KB3397
02 - Contact InformationBusiness3/14/201236.88 KB3177
03 - Meeting Invitation TemplateBusiness3/14/201219.47 KB3329
04 - Meeting Minutes TemplateBusiness3/14/201222.92 KB2917

MBA Law Services Documents

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A001 - Law Services Procedure ManualLaw3/14/2012491.29 KB6149
F001 - Affidavit of AssociationBusiness3/14/201242.72 KB2850
F002 - Affidavit for Peace OfficerBusiness3/14/201237.96 KB2943
FLS 001 - Notice of Case to ProcessLaw3/14/201243.50 KB2994
FLS 002 - Notice of Serving DocumentsLaw3/14/201228.68 KB2830
FLS 003 - Notice of Case to ProceedLaw3/14/201236.04 KB2783
FLS 011 Jury VerdictLaw3/14/201241.53 KB2764
FLS 012 Writ of ExecutionLaw3/14/201242.95 KB2944
FLS 013 Writ of OutlawryLaw3/14/201242.79 KB3037

Agreement Templates

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AGR 001 - Strawman RecaptureAgreement Templates4/18/201372.20 KB3426
AGR 002 - Posting Crimes of Females to CAFAgreement Templates4/18/201360.30 KB3053
AGR 003 - Posting Bad Behaviour of Females to CAFAgreement Templates4/18/201360.59 KB2936

Documents on Natural Law

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The Science of JusticeLAW10/30/2012605.33 KB3072