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Video Introduction

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MBA Businesses

Instant Business Intelligence

Instant Business Intelligence is the Business Intelligence software company founded by Peter Nolan in 2005. Peter is one of the world leaders in the development of data warehouses and Business Intelligence Systems. His software cuts the people cost of development of data warehouses approximately in half. For those who work in Business Intelligence or wish to become resellers of this software this is a business opportunity to do so.

Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency

The Mens Right Intelligent Business Agency Fiji LTD is a global business initiative launched by Mr. Emosi Tukila and Mr. Peter Nolan. We are collaborating and co-operating with men all over the world to create an exciting new network of businesses that men can participate in.

Our first business initiative is to bring Instant Business Intelligence to the Pacific Islands and African Countries. We have partnered with various Mens Rights Groups in the Pacific and in Africa so that we can generate new business in emerging markets and to provide high skilled jobs to the men who join these businesses.


DanyLand Interlink

Danyland Inter Link is a marketing, trading and consulting company based in Lome, Togo. We are specialized in marketing of consumer products in Togo, import and export, as well as consulting in trading related matters.

We are also engaged into general merchandise. Our goal is to share our love of this beautiful region of Togo and West Africa through the import and marketing of some of its best quality products. We only import and market what we know and what we hope our market will love; high quality products.



A-MAN-ZON is the brainchild of Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©. It has been created as an on-line store similar to Amazon. Men can sell their "cool" products and services to all those who are interested.

The unique thing about A-MAN-ZON is that men can sell their products and services under MBA Contract Services contracts, the jurisdiction of their government, or the jurisdiction of the Fiji Government with whom we have very good relationships. All three jurisdictions are supported.


Open for Business


We have a number of sites up and running and open for business. They are as follows.

MBA You Tube Channel

This is the official MBA Video Channel.


MBA Law Services Channel

This is the official MBA Law Services Channel. We will put the videos for MBA Law Services cases on this channel for all to see.


MBA Education You Tube Channel

This is the official MBA Education Video Channel. We will put the best educational videos we know on to this channel. If you want to learn about Law, Legislation and how the world really works? This is the channel for you.


MBA Peace Officer Services

The MBA Peace Officers Services web site is exclusively for the use of Peace officers and Officers of the MBA LAW Services to exchange information, experience, skills, tips and techniques.


MBA Private Investigation Services

The MBA Private Investigation Services web site is exclusively for the use of Private Investigators and and Officers of the MBA LAW Services to exchange information, experience, skills, tips and techniques.


Coming Attractions


We are bringing a number of sites online. They are as follows.

You Tube for MEN

Men are tired of the censorship on You Tube. It is time for a You Tube for Men that is run on a pay per view basis and not advertising.


Amazon for MEN

This will be a place where businesses owned by MEN will able to sell their wares. We have a lot of ideas about innovative opt in promotional mechanisms that will help men in business become more efficient at the sales process. This will allow men to become less dependent on advertising.


The MAN Bank

The MAN Bank will be a bank for men and women. However women will not be able to make loans from the Man Bank. They will only be able to make deposits, transactions, and withdrawals. Women will be able to use the Man Bank to buy and sell products and services to other account holders.


MAN Book

The MAN book will be Facebook minus all the women and children. Censorship, removal of valid opinions, blocking because of complains by women and all those things that so plague facebook will be a thing of the past on MAN Book.


Business Intelligence

We are also bringing out a few new sites for Men in BI to the public.


Note that the Mens Business Association can be reached via all these addresses.